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Exclusive Bakugan Dimensions and Gundalian Invaders Wallpaper & Icons

Calling all computer savvy brawlers!

Bakutize your desktop and avatar photos with exclusive Bakugan Dimensions and Gundalian Invaders wallpapers and icons available in the Fun Stuff section.

Energize your computer’s desktop with stunning artwork of your favorite character combo including Dan and Helix Dragonoid, Marucho and Akwimos, Shun and Hawktor, and much more!

Empower your forum avatar and instant messenger programs with striking icons including your preferred Attribute or choice character.

Display your passion for Bakugan and share your excitement of the upcoming Bakugan Dimensions online game!

Download now at

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Posted in Bakugan Dimensions and and Gundalian Invaders by harper on May 27th, 2010 at 4:57 am.

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