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Bakugan’s BakuBlog – Issue #8: Bakugan Dimensions’ World Environments

Bakugan’s BakuBlog

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Issue #8 – May 2010
Bakugan Dimensions – World Environments

Greetings brawlers!

With this issue of the BakuBlog, step in and discover never before seen sneak peeks of the upcoming online world of Bakugan Dimensions… the World Environments!

While searching for your next battle worthy opponent, you’ll be able to travel and explore the world Bakugan Dimensions, formally known as the “Inter City”. Journey to new locations, talk and battle with NPCs, visit vendors to purchase in-game items, and challenge other online brawlers in a variety of world environments. With the use of your Map, located in the HUD, you can quickly travel to your desired destination: The School, Downtown, Park or Residential.

The School

School isn’t just for mathematics and chemistry anymore… educate your opponent on the fine art of brawling! Explore the classrooms and hallways in search of your next opponent or friendly brawler to discuss strategies. Take on studious NPCs to hone in on your skills or challenge other brawlers to see who has the most brawling smarts.


If you’re feeling urban, check out Downtown. Spend your hard earned BakuCoin at the shops, take on exciting quests, and meet up with a city slickin’ brawler to commence in a battle or chat about anything and everything Bakugan. If you wish to take a break from brawling with a real life adversary, talk to one of the Downtown NPCs for a player-versus-environment Bakugan throw down.


Take your battle hungry Bakugan out for a stroll through Bakugan Dimensions’ Park. The Park is full of lush trees and plants, and most importantly, even more Bakugan combat. Meet up with your friends for a casual chat or engage them in an all out Park assault.


There’s a new brawler on the block! Explore the Residential area and prove you’re the best brawler in the ‘hood. Take a walk and be ready to clash heads… you never know who you’ll meet or who your new brawler friend may be.

Brawl like you’ve never brawled before!

~ The Bakugan Dimensions Team

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