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Membership is growing!

We have had about a dozen people join in the last week!

Welcome to all! Thank you for helping make this one of the best Bakugan Battle Brawlers sites outside the Official Home Page.

Please feel free to check out the discussion forum! We are still working on getting tournament rules and regulations out, and when we do, look for us to sponsor several tournaments in 2009.

Posted in News and Tournaments by admin on September 29th, 2008 at 4:51 pm.


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  1. redeyes Oct 2nd 2008

    Great job guys, I love to trade backlinks with ya…

  2. admin Oct 2nd 2008

    We have added you on our blogroll. We look forward to seeing us on yours…

  3. you guys rock

  4. wonder why there r no tourtaments

  5. lego10 Aug 4th 2009

    will there be any tournaments in the uk

  6. There will be; I think SPinMaster is going to wait until after the video game hits the shelves.

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