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Bakugan Dimensions Special Offer

Prepare to unleash the power of the fiercest Bakugan ever and get ready to add the all new Dragonoid Colossus to your Bakugan arsenal!

Dan Kuso and the Bakugan Battle Brawlers must defend themselves and the planet of Neathia against the Gundalian Invaders. But so far even they cannot contain the mighty strength of the evil Dharak Colossus. Who will save Neathia from complete destruction?

Only Dragonoid Colossus!

From high in the sky, his ferocious roar can be heard across the Bakugan universe!

Dragonoid Colossus comes complete with exclusive brand new additions to the Bakugan line-up. To assemble the ferocious Dragonoid Colossus, attach all FOUR BAKUGAN BATTLE GEAR to the transformation hub, then drop in your BATTALIX DRAGONOID BAKUGAN and watch it transform! Be sure to use your Bakugan Battle Gear in battle? Whether it’s Axator Gear, Beamblizer, Blasteroid or Nukix Gear, your opponent is sure to receive a fatal blow!

Take your battles from the real world to the online world of Bakugan Dimensions! Use Dragonoid Colossus to devastate online brawlers in epic battles. Expand your virtual collection by uploading Dragonoid Colossus, Battalix Dragonoid, and each Bakugan Battle Gear by revealing their unique DNA Codes and entering them into any DNA Code Console. Show off your new addition to thousands of fellow brawlers by creating a FREE game account at

Join the countdown to October 1st when the all-new Dragonoid Colossus hits shelves at your local retail location.

Get exclusive information about Dragonoid Colossus, including how-to assemble video tutorials as well as details about each Bakugan Battle Gear at

Brawl On!

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