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Stop the Presses! Bakutins are in the House!

We couldn’t wait to get home to open the box. 

Here is a Bakutin.  It has a Pyrus “Pearl” (Think the white used in the Special Series 1 Bakugan) Laserman and a Robotallion!



Bakutins can hold 18 Brawlers and up to 50 cards.  It comes with 5 Gate and 5 Ability Cards from the series 2 set.

And it comes in Haos, Pyrus, Darkus, and Ventus (at least the ones we saw/grabbed).

We will fill you in on the rest of the tins this evening!

For more information, click the “Bakutin Contents on the right, OR click here:

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Posted in News by harper on October 23rd, 2008 at 2:26 pm.

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