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Bakupearl (AKA B2) Card Set – Coming to the Store!

Here is the list for the *new* Bakupearl “B2” Card Set AND some photos!

Gate Cards

1/48b- Earthen Mound

2/48b- Elevated Field

3/48b- Force Wind

4/48b- Low Energy

5/48b- Sand Storm

6/48b- Haunted Night

7/48b- Sunrise

8/48b- Volcanic Lake

9/48b- Limulus

10/48b- Ravenoid

11/48b- Warius

12/48b- Wormquake

13/48b- Forest Fire

14/48b- Gorem (Another One)

15/48b- Lightning Storm

16/48b- Skyress

17/48b- Drag

18/48b- Lockdown

19/48b- Rainbow

20/48b- Tricky Gate

21/48b- Earth, Wind, & Fire

22/48b- G-Power Exchange (Another One)

23/48b- Quick Charge

24/48b- River Styx

Ability Cards

25/48b- Magnetic Action

26/48b- Meeting Place

27/48b- Perfect Aim

28/48b- Unexpected Guest

29/48b- Clean Slate

30/48b- A Hand Up

31/48b- Marionette

32/48b- Stuck

33/48b- Flash

34/48b- G-Power Bonus

35/48b- G-Power up

36/48b- Dark Growth

37/48b- Circle of Fire  (Yes, ANOTHER CoF)

38/48b- Special Boost

39/48b- Special Crush

40/48b- Updraft

41/48b- Aquos 2

42/48b- Haos 2

43/48b- Preyas Switch

44/48b- Tigrerra

45/48b- Darkus 2

46/48b- Pyrus 2

47/48b- Sub Terra 2

48/48b- Ventus 2

Where can you find it?  In OUR store.

When can you get it?  Sooner than you think. 

For those of you who bought our Guide, we will send the updated information out to you as soon as it is complete.

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Posted in News by harper on October 28th, 2008 at 7:43 pm.


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  1. bakupearlbaby Oct 29th 2008

    Any news about the new Bakugan? I see a Wormquake and Limulus and Wormquake and Warius….Does this mean those Brawlers are coming out?

  2. Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush! Everybody will want one!

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