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Aquos and Subterra Bakutin Information!

The Aquos Bakutin contains a Juggernoid and a Stinglash.

The Subterra Bakutin contains a Dragonoid and a Reaper.

As soon as we shoot photos, All 6 Bakutins will be in our store

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Posted in News by harper on October 29th, 2008 at 12:46 pm.


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  1. bakupearlbaby Oct 29th 2008

    oooooh! They are soooooo mine! 🙂

  2. EliRob123 Jan 7th 2009

    Me and my son currently playing would like more info on this and torunaments we have around 50 bakugans special ability cards and just about everything they make AIM me at Nate2054 if you can it would be great thanks. or e-mail

  3. If you check out our store at, you will see *most* of the Bakugans available.

    SpinMaster had some tournaments last year. We missed them :(.

    Once they have solidified their playing rules, we will start sponsoring and hosting tournaments.

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