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We say toe-may-toe, You say toe-mah-toe

Card number 11 in the “C” series is a Gate Card called Fourtress.

The Bakugan Brawler in the catalog is called a Fortress.

If Spin Master were located in the U.K., We could see why it would be spelled this way (colour, instead of color; favourite instead of favorite).

But you don’t say fourtnight; you say fortnight.  We get our word fort (Fort Apache, the Bronx, Fort. Dix, Fort Know, etc.) from the word fortress.

So either a NEW Brawler called a fourtress is coming out, or…wait…this could be a misprint.  Guess we have to take those cards out of the store….ahahahahaha

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Posted in News by harper on December 13th, 2008 at 1:56 pm.

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