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Altered Brawlers

People on ebay are selling Bakugan Brawlers that have G-Power in excess of 700g.

These have been altered.  They will not be valid in any tournament we sponsor in 2009.

As far as we are concerned, they are worthless and should not be purchased, and anyone using the altered ones has a real problem with ethics.

Currently, the highest G-Power we have seen on a Brawler is 700g, and that is on a Clayf!

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Posted in News and Tournaments by harper on December 27th, 2008 at 8:23 pm.


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  1. marucho Jan 9th 2009

    ya someone tried to sell a “1,000,000” g bakugan when you could see that it said 460

  2. powerv1 Nov 21st 2009

    is er alsowe a tournement in belguim

  3. brando12 Dec 19th 2009

    I have a Bakugan with 730 G- Power. It’s name is Abis. Are there others out there that are real?

  4. Many of them are real, but some people will add a “1” or a “9” in front of the existing G-Power, making your Abis a 1730G.

    That isn’t fair to the other Brawlers who legitimately buy or trade Higher G-Power Bakugan (like me, for instance)!

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