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Bakugan Tournament Information

Since no one seems to have a central place to share their tournament information, we at have taken the first step.

Please visit to post and view your Bakugan Battle Brawler tournament information.

Basic listings are free, and you will also have the option (for a small charge) to post a featured link to your Bakugan-related site or tournament.

We are in the process of getting the word out in stores, but we ask that you, our loyal subscribers, call or e-mail your friends and click the “tell a friend” links at the bottom of this post. If you would let your favorite Bakugan reseller know, we’d appreciate that too.

Thank you very much!

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Posted in News and Tournaments by harper on January 21st, 2009 at 10:00 am.


6 Replies

  1. redeyes Jan 26th 2009

    added the new site link… to BakuganBay
    Glad to help out…

  2. bakuking Apr 7th 2009

    My friends and I decided to have our own tournaments. I also started a bakugan brawlers club. We have a tournament at my house at three on Saturday.

  3. Bakugan10 Dec 7th 2009

    Hey Brawlers!

    Thought everyone would want to know about [site deleted by admin] the official sight for the Regional Tournaments! Check the page out and make sure you register for your region!

    1. The official site for Bakugan Tournaments is How do I know? Because I transferred the name to SpinMaster’s legal team. Before you claim that you’re the official site, I would check with SpinMaster, Inc. before you find yourself in a world of hurt.
    2. There is no shameless plugging of a website unless you provide a link to this site on your website.
    3. It’s “site”, not “sight”.

  4. vincedis Dec 31st 2009

    a local convention organizer asked if i would referee a bakugan tournament. Is there an offical eratta and tournament rule set available anywhere?

  5. I would check with SpinMaster at

    They main thing I learned at one of their shows is that when in doubt, use fairness and common sense. It’s just a game, after all….

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