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The store is almost ready!

We are going to be selling the complete Bakugan Battle Brawlers Series 2 Basic Set (24 Gate Cards, 24 Ability Cards) in our store.

How about a Darkus 600g Tuskor!   Can’t you just see your oppponent’s face when you roll it? We only have one in stock, so get here early!

Darkus Tuskor 600g

Darkus Tuskor 600g

How about a 0g (ZERO G-POWER) Bakugan?  THAT’S RIGHT! We found a Bakugan that did not get stamped at the factory.  In our opinion, it’s a 0g.  But, any way you look at it, it’s a collector’s item.  It’s going to be in the store, too (unless we keep it.  just kidding…).

How about a Ventus Cycloid 580g?  Yes, it’s in the store as well.

How do we find these special Bakugan?  If we told you, we wouldn’t be special, would we? 🙂

Come back September 1 for the official opening, OR come back each day and stay tuned.

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Posted in News by admin on August 28th, 2008 at 7:07 pm.

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