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Bakugan Traps, Spins, and Two Headed Preyas

Sighted and on the way to the store:

SpinMaster has released New “Brawlers” called Traps.  They are cube-shaped and when placed on a metal Gate card they will open up revealing either a different Attribute symbol or a G-Power. If it is an Attribute symbol, then your Bakugan’s Attribute is changed to the Attribute that is revealed. If a G-Power is revealed, then your Bakugan gains that amount of G-Power.

SpinMaster is releasing an amended version of the rules to account for the Traps.

“Spinning” Bakugan: These are new brawlers that spin when they open.  As soon as we get some, we will shoot a video for you.

There is also a *NEW* two-headed Special Attack Preyas II Bakugan.  The G-Power is different, depending on which side stands.  We will have one in about a week to show you.

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Posted in News by harper on February 9th, 2009 at 8:33 am.

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