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Bakugan Traps have been trapped!

Had to post this!  Shot it with my cell cam. I will get cleaner pix by this evening!

The traps are in stock!

Here is the Darkus Trap.  It has an Aquos Symbol on its side.

Darkus Trap (closed)
Darkus Trap (closed)


I also snarfed some Spins and some two-headed Preyas IIs!  Oh yes, they are mine (until I put them in the store and you buy them).

Eric (you know who you are):

Don’t ever doubt me. If I say I have seen it, I have seen it. If I say I will get it, I will get it. If it’s on my site, then it’s in my possession. Now get your money out and buy something…LOL…

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Posted in News by harper on February 12th, 2009 at 1:29 pm.


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  1. baku813 Feb 14th 2009

    I have in my possession Season 2 Bakugans that are not on your site and if they are they are not available to buy….

  2. Huh?

    If you are looking for more of the Season 2 brawlers, I have not had a chance to upload and price all of the Season 2 Bakugan (It was VALENTINE’S DAY WEEKEND)……

    I will upload them tomorrow.

  3. raymond3 Feb 15th 2009

    how do you find how many g does aqua trap have ?

  4. baku813 Feb 15th 2009

    Yes you will upload the pics but you will not have the items in hand… I can tell just by the Bakugan than you have listed which are OLD series 1’s…. If you need new one’s I can sell you some 😉

  5. What ARE you talking about?

    There are Series 1 (manufacturer, NOT the show) Bakugan

    There are Series 2 Bakugan

    There are B2 and Pearl and Flip and Clear Bakugan

    All of those are technically SEASON 1 of the cartoon series.

    The Traps, Dual-Head Preyas IIs, and Spins (Ravenoid and Dragonoid) are Season 2 of the cartoon series.

    You haven’t looked in, otherwise you couldn’t have made those statements.

  6. The one we have has a Haos Attribute symbol.

  7. baku813 Feb 15th 2009

    I am talking about the new Vestroia Bakuneaon series Bakugan (Season 2 not Series 2)

  8. baku813 Feb 15th 2009

    and yes I did look at your Bakugan for sale….

  9. AllThingsBakugan Feb 16th 2009

    The darkus traps are pretty sweet. Looking forward to getting my hands on some.

    Ronald The Brit

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