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If a Preyas II has 2 heads, is it a Preyas IV?

Here it is, ahead of schedule:



A B2 Special Attack Ventus Dual-Headed Preyas II!

Preyas II - Top Half

Preyas II - Top Half


This is the top half.  It looks like a regular Preyas II. But, when you are rolling, if it lands on the other head, then THIS side opens up.


This side has more G-Power than the top side.

We are going to do something different in the store.  We are going to offer the other Dual-head Preyas IIs new, and unopened.  If you buy one, we ask that you send us a pic and G-Power information.

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Posted in News by harper on February 13th, 2009 at 5:42 pm.


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  1. artune Mar 5th 2009

    when does/did this come/came out?

  2. They are out, and have been out for about 3 weeks. I will place some inthe store this weekend. I have been behind in geting things in there. My apologies!

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