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Tayghen care of business

I couldn’t help myself on that one…sorry.

So, there are some 2″ figurines in the store.  Normally, I turn my nose up at them, but I saw a Cycloid, and since it looked like someone I know, I bought it.


But right behind that Cycloid was a Tayghen,  A fish-like Brawler.


Ummmm….when are we going to see THIS Brawler?  He might have to take up some shelf space next to the El Condor and Tentaclear (the only two Brawlers I kept out of my store).

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Posted in News by harper on March 24th, 2009 at 12:32 pm.

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  1. Dragonoid 1772 Apr 5th 2009

    lol out of ur store

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