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Hidden feature on Bakugan Gate Cards!

Your read it here first, friends.

You probably didn’t notice, but nearly all of the Gate Cards (Except the D and E series) has a hidden feature that has yet to be revealed.  We are going to call it the “Dark Attribute”.

If you look at an Earthen Mound Gate Card, you will see the Highlighted Attribute.  It looks like a yellow sunburst.  In this case, it is Darkus.

Now, look at the other attributes,  They *SHOULD* have a white ring around them.  But some of the have a DARK ring.  Do you see it?  If you don’t look at the Subterra Bonus.


What’s it for?

Well, we know that several cards give G-Power boosts for highlighted attributes.  I’ll bet that more cards are coming to make use of the “Dark Attribute”!


Stay tuned!

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Posted in News by harper on April 21st, 2009 at 3:37 pm.

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