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Tournament Rules – Critical Update – Highest G-Power printed!


“CRITICAL UPDATE: Highest G-Power Printed

Attention Bakugan Battle Brawlers!

With the start of the first ever, nationwide, official Bakugan tournament several issues have been addressed concerning specific gameplay rules, game practices, and legitimate product.

Recently, the BakuCon Tournament Rules has received an update addressing the use of season 1 Bakugan, Trap, Launchers and Ramps, and correct Bonus procedures during matches. The latest version can be downloaded here: BakuCon Tournament Rules.

More importantly, the concern of purchasing and using fake/illegal/imported Bakugan arose through the observation of the official BakuCon judges, BakuCon participants, and several integral community members.

A simple question has fueled a much heated debate which has been escalated in priority and has officially been addressed:

What is the highest printed G-Power on official Spin Master Bakugan?

Currently, the highest Season 2 G-Power printed on a Bakugan is 780G. The only exception to that G-Power cap is Mystic Elico which has a printed G-Power of 820G on its projecting dice.

This information is extremely critical in determining which Bakugan are genuine from the mass amounts of knockoffs, fakes, and imports found on online auctions, small boutiques, etc. Please avoid from purchasing such product as they are not allowed in any official tournament play and are not considered legitimate, genuine Spin Master product.

Additionally, this information will be shared with the BakuCon officials and will be thoroughly shared with all partners to ensure that tournament participants are playing with genuine Bakugan. Fortunately, the Regional Champions from Chicago and Los Angeles were using Bakugan within the genuine printed G-Power ranges.

Lastly, we would like to give a personal thank you and apologies to the following members who voiced their opinions and helped raise the much needed red flag to resolve this issue:

– Kohdok
– EbayBrawler
– BakuganSensei
– jdhoneybrown7
– Timess
– Any other contributing members in the “Fake Bakugan Fiasco” threads

Without your passion and dedication Bakugan wouldn’t be what it is today!”

Fake Bakugan = Cheating. Cheaters never win, and winners never cheat.

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Posted in News and Tournaments by harper on January 20th, 2010 at 4:58 pm.

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