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Bakugan Dimensions: Release Date Addressed


Attention Bakugan Battle Brawlers!

Recent developments with Bakugan Dimensions and Spin Master has determined a release date of April 5 th, 2010, as mentioned in a currently aired television commercial promoting the ’30 Days of Unstoppable Winnings’ contest.

The April 5th date is still the projected launch goal for the highly anticipated online game which will feature online battles, custom brawler avatars, virtual collections, chatting with friends, and more!

Prior to this commercial being finalized and aired, Bakugan and Spin Master were aiming to bring Bakugan Dimension to your monitors and fingertips a bit early with hopes of releasing in March. This news was brought to you through many of our communication channels including the official forums, forum private messaging, and our social networks.

Unfortunately, the March early release will not be met as we are using every bit of valuable time to continue developing and completing every feature that we want brawlers to take part in as they play the game.

As any gamer knows, an online game is both extremely fun and quite expansive in the features that it offers players. Creating an online world that is both highly addicting, incredible in its representation of Bakugan, and completely captivating takes many hours of effort and dedicated resources.  We are working hard and strive to bring you the ultimate online experience!

Lord Darkus, Bright Light, and the rest of the Bakugan team would like to humbly apologize on behalf of our development partners and Spin Master for communicating the early release of the game as “within the month of March”. We are still holding true to the April 5th launch date and we hope you understand the decision to use every valuable second to make Bakugan Dimensions the most unforgettable online experience ever!

Continuing forward, we will do our best to provide you, the battle brawling community and the most important link in the whole development process, with up-to-date and critical information regarding progress in development and any unforeseen shifts.


Lord Darkus, Bright Light, and the rest of the Bakugan Team

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Posted in Bakugan Dimensions and and Gundalian Invaders by harper on March 26th, 2010 at 5:30 am.


6 Replies

  1. drago Apr 5th 2010

    let me play bakugan denentions

  2. It’s Dimensions…and it’s up to….

  3. its 7:19 and the game is not up whats up with that

  4. Patience, young Brawler, patience…..:)

    I guess so many Brawlers are trying to get in that the registration has been shut down temporarily.

  5. Chancer Apr 6th 2010

    It’s the sixth and i’m still waiting.
    I’m wasting valuable spring break time checking to see if they finally put it online yet.

  6. June….it will be here in June…..see the latest post for the update from

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