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Brawler / Trap List

The Names of Brawlers / Traps (including the ones that should be shipping in 2009
Name Type (Brawler / Trap)
Appolonir Brawler
Bee Striker Brawler
Blade Tigrerra Brawler
Brontes Brawler
Carlsnaut Trap
Centipoid Brawler
Clayf Brawler
Cycloid Brawler
Delta Dragonoid II Brawler
Dragonoid Brawler
El Condor Brawler
Epsilon Tripod Trap
Exedra Brawler
Falconeer Brawler
Faroh Brawler
Fear Ripper Brawler
Fortress Brawler
Frosch Brawler
Garganoid Brawler
Gorem Brawler
Griffon Brawler
Hammer Gorem Brawler
Harpus Brawler
Hawklea Brawler
Hydranoid Brawler
Hynoid Brawler
Juggernoid Brawler
Kilroy Brawler
Lars Lion Brawler
Laserman Brawler
Limulus Brawler
Manion Brawler
Mantris Brawler
Monarus Brawler
Motra Brawler
Naga Brawler
Nemus Brawler
Neo Dragonoid Brawler
Oberus Brawler
Percival Brawler
Preyas Brawler
Preyas II Brawler
Pythantus Trap
Rattleoid Brawler
Ravenoid Brawler
Reaper Brawler
Robotallion Brawler
Saurus Brawler
Scorpion Trap
Serpenoid Brawler
Siege Brawler
Sirenoid Brawler
Skyress Brawler
Stinglash Brawler
Storm Skyress Brawler
Tentaclear Brawler
Terrorclaw Brawler
Tigrerra Brawler
Tuskor Brawler
Warius Brawler
Wavern Brawler
Wormquake Brawler
Zoack Trap

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