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The Forum is OPEN!

The Planet Bakugan Discussion Forum is open.  You can access it by clicking on the link to the right or by going here:

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Once more into the void

We changed hosts for a third time. We are on HostGator and they ROCK!

We have tried GoDaddy, HostDepartment, and Atomic Hosting,  and while they are competitive, they just can’t beat the Gator!

If you want to sign up with them, click here or the banner:

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What we are going to be adding to the site

A discussion forum.

A store.

Pictures of Cards, Boosters, and Brawlers

We are working feverisly to get it all together.

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New Host!

We are now on a new (actually old) host.

We dropped the old “parked” page to give you a look.

We are not ready for business yet, but feel free to register and look around.

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Welcome to Planet Bakugan, Mighty Brawlers!

Welcome to Planet Bakugan.  We are going to change hosts; This one is way too slow for the traffic we expect.


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