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Series 1 Cards and Brawlers spotted!

Seems like more and more Series 1 Battle Packs are peparing in the stores.

We didn’t find any new Gate Cards not in the store already 🙁

But….we saw a Pack that is marked Series 1 on the outside, but it said it contains a Metal Gate card and Ability Card. Something isn’t right. Why?

When we opened it, we got a 630g Ventus Manion (NICE!), a Manion Gate Card and a Doom Card.

Where’s the “Series 1” part?

Wait…a 630g Ventus Manion, a Manion Gate Card and a Doom Card? Let’s just shut up and put ’em in the store……

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Membership is growing!

We have had about a dozen people join in the last week!

Welcome to all! Thank you for helping make this one of the best Bakugan Battle Brawlers sites outside the Official Home Page.

Please feel free to check out the discussion forum! We are still working on getting tournament rules and regulations out, and when we do, look for us to sponsor several tournaments in 2009.


Quality Control SNAFU or Uber-Rare Collectible?

We got our hands on, get this….


We got it from a Series 1 pack, which may explain why. It’s a 400g, and it came with a 350g Siege and a 300g Garganoid.

Where would you use this Brawler? On a Series 1 Gate Card that drops all other attributes except Darkus…..

Look for it in the store (, not retail…hello?) if we can bear to part with it.

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They’re Back!

Bakugan Battle Brawlers have been spotted at the Local Wal-Mart.

I saw the Series 2 Battle Packs, Booster Packs, and Dekas.

No Brawler was over 400g (at least in the 4 packs I bought).

Parents: If you want to have tht stocking stuffer, run down to your nearest Wal-Mart and get a pack.

If you want to wait until December, there’s always the store.

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Whither Series 1?

So the page finally has pictures of the Series Cards and Boosters.

Here are the problems:

1. They show 60 cards. There are 63 in the Series 2/Booster set.

2. They list the Boosters as being Rarity “Arena Only”. Does this mean that you can only use the boosters in Arena Play (as opposed to Speed Play)? 

3. There are two cards with the same name (Card Force). Both are Metal Gate Cards.  One is Series 2, and 1 is a booster.

3a. They list the Rarity of the Series 2 version as “Arena Only”.

3b. They don’t picture the Booster Card.

4. They don’t list rarities for Fire Pit or High Energy.


Stay Tuned!

P.S. We will be putting up pictures of all of the Series 2 cards and boosters in October.

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