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Black Friday Specials in the Store!, Planet Bakugan’s online store, will offer 15% off all items on Friday.  We will have all of the new stuff we got uploaded and ticketed.

Supplies are pretty scarce in the stores, and we realize that your wallets are not as fat as they were last year.  We hope the specials help you or that special brawler.

We wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Taco Bell, Part II

So I’m looking at the new B2 Bakugan Battle Brawler Booster Packs, and I have to do a double take:


What is the deal here?  I’m looking for Wariuses, and Limuli, and Hammer Gorems, and Storm Skyresses, and I get a Stinglash?

It seems to me that Spin Master should have made all the brawlers the same size.

Maybe they borrowed from the Book of Taco Bell…, marketing, marketing

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B2 Battle Packs are in the house!

Bakugan Battle Brawler Battle Packs with the new B2 Bakugan are arriving!

We won’t post photos until tomorrow, but we have (and you will too) seen Hammer Gorems, Preyas IIs, Limuli (Limuses?), Ravenoids, Warii (Wariuses?), Storm Skyresses, Wormquakes, and Blade Tigrerras.

The Series 1 B2 Battle Packs contain 6 Bakupearl (B2) Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Series 2 Gate and Ability Cards, as well as Series 2 Booster Cards!

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New Name, New Look to the store

We have redesigned our store.  You can click on the link to the right, or you can see it here:

Give it a look and tell us what you think!

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Yes, Virginia, there are new Bakugan!

What do we have here?

Size comparison of Bakugan

Size comparison of Bakugan


The Brawler in the middle is the new “B2” (AKA Bakupearl) Bakugan Battle Brawler.  It is slighty larger than the original Bakugan, but smaller than a Deka.

What is THIS mystery brawler, you ask?

Darkus Wormquake

Darkus Wormquake


We have seen (and unfortunately not captured) the following:

Blade Tigrerra





When we capture them, we will shoot them and stuff them in our store :).

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