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Altered Brawlers

People on ebay are selling Bakugan Brawlers that have G-Power in excess of 700g.

These have been altered.  They will not be valid in any tournament we sponsor in 2009.

As far as we are concerned, they are worthless and should not be purchased, and anyone using the altered ones has a real problem with ethics.

Currently, the highest G-Power we have seen on a Brawler is 700g, and that is on a Clayf!


Bakugan Series 2c Card List

Current List of Series 2c Cards:

1/48c Metal Gate Aquos Vortex
2/48c Metal Gate Powder Keg
3/48c Metal Gate Heavy Surf
4/48c Metal Gate The Cliffs
5/48c Metal Gate Vacuum
6/48c Metal Gate
7/48c Metal Gate Nightmare
8/48c Metal Gate The Spires
9/48c Metal Gate Monarus
10/48c Metal Gate
11/48c Metal Gate Fourtress
12/48c Metal Gate Sirenoid
13/48c Metal Gate Rattleoid
14/48c Metal Gate Lone Wolf
15/48c Metal Gate
16/48c Metal Gate El Condor
17/48c Metal Gate G-Power Swap
18/48c Metal Gate Lock & Load
19/48c Metal Gate Lift
20/48c Metal Gate Bait
21/48c Metal Gate
22/48c Metal Gate Special Help
23/48c Metal Gate High Voltage
24/48c Metal Gate Sting
25/48c Special Ability Runo’s Launcher
26/48c Special Ability Masquerade’s Launcher
27/48c Special Ability Marucho’s Launcher
28/48c Special Ability Julie’s Launcher
29/48c Special Ability Stealin’
30/48c Special Ability Combo Battle
31/48c Special Ability Shun’s Launcher
32/48c Special Ability Dan’s Launcher
33/48c Special Ability Darkfire Color Shift
34/48c Special Ability Lightwind Color Shift
35/48c Special Ability Brushfire
36/48c Special Ability G-Power Increase
37/48c Special Ability Triangle of Power
38/48c Special Ability Power Triangle
39/48c Special Ability Special Bump
40/48c Special Ability Special Boost
41/48c Special Ability Touch With Fire
42/48c Special Ability Flowing Waters
43/48c Special Ability See The Light
44/48c Special Ability Darkness to Victory
45/48c Special Ability Strong Winds Blow
46/48c Special Ability Ground
47/48c Special Ability Bee Striker
48/48c Special Ability Tentaclear

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Bakugan Bakupearl Bakuclear Battle Brawlers

This just in:

We just got back from Texas, and we have a Lars Lion Bakugan Battle Brawler!  Pictures tomorrow!


We have also spotted a Bakuclear Tigrerra (it has NO Attribute) AND a Special Attack Preyas that changes G-Power, NOT its attribute!


Did someone say 700g Clayf?  GOT IT!


We have seen Clayf go for $70 plus dollars on ebay and other stores.

We won’t sell ours for that much.  We will put in in the store on the 24th.

To all of our fans, we wish you a very safe and happy holiday!

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Bakugan Series 2a cards?

In a previous post, we talked about the Bakuswap coming with Series 2d Gate and Ability Cards (24 of each).  The Bakupearl Bakugans come with Series 2b and 2c cards.

What about 2a?

There is in fact a series 2a, but it has an odd pattern.

One set of cards read x/15a and the other set reads xa/15.  The key is the “a”.

One of the cards, called Circle of Fire *should* be numbered 9/15a or 9a/15.  It is numbered 12/20a.

It is the only set with an truly odd number of cards.

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‘Bakugan’ gets big-screen treatment

Universal, Stuber to adapt Japanese anime show

By Borys Kit

Dec 16, 2008, 01:00 AM ET

Universal and Stuber Prods. are hoping to capitalize on the latest toy craze among boys, entering into a deal with toy company Spin Master to bring “Bakugan Battle Brawlers” to the big screen.

“Bakugan” is a Japanese anime show airing on the Cartoon Network as well as a strategic game that uses metal cards and magnetic, spring-loaded miniature figures that transform from marblelike balls into toy monsters.

The show’s story line revolves around creatures called Bakugan and the young human battle brawlers who wield them. The creatures have such names as Pyrus Drago, Haos Tigrerra, Ventus Skyress, Subterra Gorem and Darkus Hydranoid that inform their character and power; they are involved in a battle in a parallel dimension called Vestroia that spills into ours.

“Bakugan” airs six days a week on Cartoon as one of its top shows.

No writers are on board, but the studio jumped at the chance to be in business with a toy that has a growing worldwide fan base. It also sparked to the concept and story line, which it believes will translate well into an all-ages action-adventure movie.

Spin Master’s Ronnen Harary will produce with Stuber Prods.’ Scott Stuber. Donna Langley and Jeff Kirschenbaum of Universal are overseeing. Jon Mone of Stuber Prods. brought the property to the company through Mike Drake, with whom the company just worked on the upcoming Universal release “Repossession Mambo.” Mone acts as executive producer.

Stuber Prods.’ latest Universal movie, the R-rated comedy “Role Models,” has earned more than $64 million at the domestic boxoffice. The company is in production on the Peter Billingsley-directed comedy “Couples Retreat,” starring Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman and Jon Favreau; Favreau also wrote the script.

What’s the web site going to be called? or ?

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