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Bakugan Bakuswap and new cards

Just in time for the holidays!

The new Bakuswap Bakugan are here!

We have a two-tone Clayf (Pyrus and Subterra), which the player calls the color before rolling.


The Booster Packs we saw have a new Bakuswap Brawler, and a Series 2D Gate Card and Ability Card.


Pictures tomorrow!

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Attention Memphis Bakugan Players:

This just in from (Memphis, TN area):


We’re looking for Bakugan players

While many adults may be oblivious, Bakugan fever has been sweeping the nation.If you don’t know Bakugan from a backhoe, then you are, like, so five minutes ago. At least in the eyes of a lot of six- to 12-year-old boys.

The game, based on an animated Japanese TV series, is one of the hottest gifts in stores this Christmas shopping season.

The Commercial Appeal is searching for families that include one or more Bakugan players. If that describes your family, please contact business reporter Blake Fontenay at 529-2386 or at

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Bakugan Battle Brawler B2 Video

Check out our video!

New B2s to be featured in the store

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We say toe-may-toe, You say toe-mah-toe

Card number 11 in the “C” series is a Gate Card called Fourtress.

The Bakugan Brawler in the catalog is called a Fortress.

If Spin Master were located in the U.K., We could see why it would be spelled this way (colour, instead of color; favourite instead of favorite).

But you don’t say fourtnight; you say fortnight.  We get our word fort (Fort Apache, the Bronx, Fort. Dix, Fort Know, etc.) from the word fortress.

So either a NEW Brawler called a fourtress is coming out, or…wait…this could be a misprint.  Guess we have to take those cards out of the store….ahahahahaha

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Ordering Bakugan in time for the Holidays

We will stop shipping all Bakugan products in the store on December 16th, and will not resume shipping until the 22nd.

If you want to order that special Brawler, Card, Combo, Battle Pack, and have it in your hands before Christmas, please do it before then.

If you order anything after the 16th, we will do the best we can to ship it before Christmas, but we cannot guarantee it.

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