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Series 2D Card List Completed

We have completed the list for the series 2d (aka BakuSwap) Gate and Ability Cards. Click on the link to the right to get the complete list.

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Bakugan Bakuclear Saurus Spotted!


This just in:

A Bakugan Bakuclear Saurus has been spotted! This brings the total number of known Bakuclear Bakugans to 4:

Tigrerra, Rattleoid, El Condor and Saurus!


Bakugan Gate Card Highlight Explained!

In a previous post, we found out that Series 2 Gate Cards have a highlighted Attribute there is a small corona around it.


Here is the first card we’ve seen that uses it: It is from the Bakuclear/Bakupearl (Series 2c, 41/48) set:


The card text says the following:

“Play during a battle where you have a Pyrus Bakugan. If the Gate Card has a Highlighted Pyrus Bonus, your Bakugan gets a G-Power bonus based on its Attribute.”

So we will be looking through our Gate Cards to find more! Hey! High Energy (Series 2, 6/48) has a highlighted Pyrus Attribute!

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Bakugan Tournament Information

Since no one seems to have a central place to share their tournament information, we at have taken the first step.

Please visit to post and view your Bakugan Battle Brawler tournament information.

Basic listings are free, and you will also have the option (for a small charge) to post a featured link to your Bakugan-related site or tournament.

We are in the process of getting the word out in stores, but we ask that you, our loyal subscribers, call or e-mail your friends and click the “tell a friend” links at the bottom of this post. If you would let your favorite Bakugan reseller know, we’d appreciate that too.

Thank you very much!


700g Clayf may NOT be the strongest Brawler

While everyone seems to think that a 700g Clayf is the most powerful Bakugan Battle Brawler, we have proof that it may not be.

On our weekly Bakugan trip, we found a Special Ability Preyas. Before we tell you about it, let us tell you what existed before this one.

There is a Series 1 Preyas, that does not change its attribute.
There is a Series 2 Preyas, that does change its attribute.

So imagine our surprise when we found an


Clear Series 1 or 2 Aquos Preyas

Aquos Series 1/2 sized (not B2) Preyas with the following feature:


It has 3 settings: 400g, 540g and 660g

So what, you say. 660 is still lower than 700. But wait, there’s more!

This Brawler starts with a printed G-Power of 680!

Clear Series 1 or 2 Aquos Preyas

So, the way we see it, the LOWEST G-power this Preyas has is 1080 (680+400), and the highest is 1340 (680+660)!

Where’s that Clayf now? LOL!


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