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Season 2 Bakugan Spin Dragonoid

Because you asked for it, and some people say I don’t have it.

Season 2 Spin Dragonoid

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If a Preyas II has 2 heads, is it a Preyas IV?

Here it is, ahead of schedule:



A B2 Special Attack Ventus Dual-Headed Preyas II!

Preyas II - Top Half

Preyas II - Top Half


This is the top half.  It looks like a regular Preyas II. But, when you are rolling, if it lands on the other head, then THIS side opens up.


This side has more G-Power than the top side.

We are going to do something different in the store.  We are going to offer the other Dual-head Preyas IIs new, and unopened.  If you buy one, we ask that you send us a pic and G-Power information.


Bakugan Traps have been trapped!

Had to post this!  Shot it with my cell cam. I will get cleaner pix by this evening!

The traps are in stock!

Here is the Darkus Trap.  It has an Aquos Symbol on its side.

Darkus Trap (closed)
Darkus Trap (closed)


I also snarfed some Spins and some two-headed Preyas IIs!  Oh yes, they are mine (until I put them in the store and you buy them).

Eric (you know who you are):

Don’t ever doubt me. If I say I have seen it, I have seen it. If I say I will get it, I will get it. If it’s on my site, then it’s in my possession. Now get your money out and buy something…LOL…


B2 Bakutins in the store!

This just in!

Spin Master has released a new set of Bakutins.

The bad news:

They aren’t cheap.  They are almost $30.

The 10 cards that come with the 2 Brawlers are from Series 2.

The Two Brawlers (at least the 6 we’ve seen) aren’t that powerful.







The GOOD news:

– The artwork on the tins rock!


– They are B2-sized Brawlers.

– The Bakugan are done up in the “Flip” color scheme.  The Darkus Flip looks like a Special Attack Hydranoid released in 2008.

– There are cards to help you.  The following Gate and Ability card mention Bakugan with “special treatments”. 

2b – Special Boost, 38/48
2b – Special Crush, 39/48
2c – Special Help, 22/48
2c – Special Bump, 39/48
2c – Special Boost, 40/48
2d – Distraction, 27/48

It turns out that Pearl, Flip, Dual Attribute (Swap), and Clear ALL qualify for “special treatment”.

Pics later this evening!

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Bakugan Traps, Spins, and Two Headed Preyas

Sighted and on the way to the store:

SpinMaster has released New “Brawlers” called Traps.  They are cube-shaped and when placed on a metal Gate card they will open up revealing either a different Attribute symbol or a G-Power. If it is an Attribute symbol, then your Bakugan’s Attribute is changed to the Attribute that is revealed. If a G-Power is revealed, then your Bakugan gains that amount of G-Power.

SpinMaster is releasing an amended version of the rules to account for the Traps.

“Spinning” Bakugan: These are new brawlers that spin when they open.  As soon as we get some, we will shoot a video for you.

There is also a *NEW* two-headed Special Attack Preyas II Bakugan.  The G-Power is different, depending on which side stands.  We will have one in about a week to show you.

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