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Tayghen care of business

I couldn’t help myself on that one…sorry.

So, there are some 2″ figurines in the store.  Normally, I turn my nose up at them, but I saw a Cycloid, and since it looked like someone I know, I bought it.


But right behind that Cycloid was a Tayghen,  A fish-like Brawler.


Ummmm….when are we going to see THIS Brawler?  He might have to take up some shelf space next to the El Condor and Tentaclear (the only two Brawlers I kept out of my store).

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Same Brawler, New Attribute, Season 2?

The good news: We found a Subterra Tentaclear this weekend.


Bad news: It was in Season 2 packaging.


My thinking, and this is just my opinion, is that you release new types, not new colors with a new season.



Three more Bakugan Battle Brawlers to ship!

Just when you thought Spin Master was done with the Brawlers.

If you check out the “F” series Cards, you will see three Bakugan Battle Brawlers mentioned.  At least one of them is a Trap.

Ingram – appears to be a G-Power boosting trap.

When will they ship?  We don’t know, but when they do, we’ll post em up here.

By the way, Season 2 Bakuneon Brawler Battle Packs are in the store.  If you are looking to get an Easter / Resurrection present for that special brawler in your house, we recommend getting them instead of the Starter packs!


Bakugan Combos – The Trailer

Bakugan Combos – The Trailer

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New Traps are out!

The Square Trap NOW has a name: Zoack!


Here are the names of the other Season 2 Traps:

Pythantus – A long, snake-like Trap.



Tripod Epsilon: A Pyramid-shaped Trap.



Scorpion: Duhhhh.  It looks like a legless Reaper…LOL



Carlsnaut: A capsule-shaped Trap.


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