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You are currently browsing the archives for April, 2009. Domain Name on ebay

I know that some of you invest in domains, and so when I saw this, I thought I’d report it.

In a previous post, we said that Universal Pictures and Stuber had inked a deal to produce a Bakugan Movie.

Is it any surprise that the name would now be auctioned on ebay?

Here is the link:


Bakugan Series 2F card complete list available!

If you look down the right hand side of this blog, you will find the link for the new Series 2F cards.

They are all ability cards.  Enjoy!

Oh wait!

Many of you have asked for pictures of the cards.  We are working on that.  Many of you have asked for some combination strategies.  We are also working on that and are trying to combine it into one huge site.

The site will be called

We had a target date of April, but that will slip.  Sorry about that.  Give s a few days and we will start uploading the pics to this site,

Stay tuned!

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Hidden feature on Bakugan Gate Cards!

Your read it here first, friends.

You probably didn’t notice, but nearly all of the Gate Cards (Except the D and E series) has a hidden feature that has yet to be revealed.  We are going to call it the “Dark Attribute”.

If you look at an Earthen Mound Gate Card, you will see the Highlighted Attribute.  It looks like a yellow sunburst.  In this case, it is Darkus.

Now, look at the other attributes,  They *SHOULD* have a white ring around them.  But some of the have a DARK ring.  Do you see it?  If you don’t look at the Subterra Bonus.


What’s it for?

Well, we know that several cards give G-Power boosts for highlighted attributes.  I’ll bet that more cards are coming to make use of the “Dark Attribute”!


Stay tuned!

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The Highlighted Attribute Explained!

In a previous post, we found out that Series 2 Gate Cards have a highlighted Attribute there is a small corona around it.


Here is the first card we’ve seen that uses it: It is from the Bakuswap (Series 2d) set:


The card text says the following:

“Play during a battle where you have a Pyrus Bakugan. If the Gate Card has a Highlighted Pyrus Bonus, your Bakugan gets a G-Power bonus based on its Attribute.”

So we will be looking through our Gate Cards to find more! Hey! High Energy (Series 2, 6/48) has a highlighted Pyrus Attribute!

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Bakugan Ingram Boost, Vandarus and a Cool Percival

We are having a little trouble with our camera, so we will upload the pics later.

Guess what we found?

An Ingram Boost, a Vandarus, and a Translucent Ventus Percival!






Personally, I think the Ingram Boost should be called an Ingram and the Ingram (or Hawklea as some are calling it) the Hawklea.


Actually, the “Hawklea” is a Cosmic Ingram.

Go figure…. 🙂

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