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We are back!

Sorry for not posting for a while. We have been busy donating Brawlers and Traps to some worthy children. 

That being said, here is a picture of *ALL* of the traps being released (hopefully) this year!




Nice, huh?

Here are the names, in case the pic isn’t big enough:

Dart Dragonoid, Triad El Condor, Brachium, Dark Hound, Daliton, Dynamo, Falcon Fly, Fire Scorpion, Tripod Epsilon, Triad Sphinx, Grafias, Hylash, Carlsnaut, Hexados, Hexstar, Piercian, Metalfencer, Fortress (Looks like Zoack, so this may be a misprint!!!), Scorpion, Pythantus, Spitarm, Spyderfencer, Tripod Theta, Grakas Hound, Flash Falcon Fly, Legionoid, Zeon Hylash.

We will be putting up pics for you as soon as we can.

Stay tuned!

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Hawklea, No. Ingram, Yes.

A while back, I mistook a Siege for a Gorem.  I was corrected by a contributor to this blog, as well as Spin Master.

Guess what?  The rest of the net is wrong this time.

What is being called a Hawklea is actually an Ingram.  It doesn’t help that the Gate Card looks nothing like the Brawler. 

I will change the listings in the store.

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No Such thing as a Looflirpanoid!

L O O F L I R P A   ->  A P R I L F O O L

NO such Bakugan exists.  Please stop e-mailing me!


Looflirpanoid Bakugan!

A very strange-looking Brawler was seen in the stores today!

When I called Spin Master, they said it was called a “Looflirpanoid”.  It is in limited supply.  It has 950G!

I have 4 of them in stock.

If you would like one, please send an e-mail to with the subject: Hook, Line, and Sinker!


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