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Series I Cards, and a Question

If you look on the right habd side for the links, you will see we hve osted the new Series 2i cards.

Here is a picture of one:


We have a question for SpinMaster:

Several cards, like Hades, have a “TM” (Trademark for those who don’t) know.

How do you trademark a word already in the public domain?  Hades is a Greek word meaning “The abode of the dead”.

It is mentioned throughout Greek Mythology and the Bible.

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Kilroy, No. Wilda Yes

The bakugan that we identified as “Kilroy” is actually called Wilda.

Wilda was spotted today in DEKA form as well as B2 size.

Is SpinMaster planning a DEKA Tournament?

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New Special Attack Bakugan – Guess Who?

Apologies to The Association



Which Bakugan is this in the picture?

Its not a boost and it’s not a trap…

Which Bakugan is now in the sto-ores?

Everyone knows it’s Elfin!


And Elfin has buggy eyes.

And arms that maybe fly.


And G-Power that cha-anges

For you to brawl….for you to brawl..



O.K., it was a bad pun.  So I won’t make it on American Idol.


Here is Elfin, the newest Special Attack Bakguan.


This is the Haos Version.


The G-Power has  different levels:  340g, 570g and…660G!


There is NO base G-Power.


What’s next in this sequence? A B C D E F..

Rumors in “BakuganLand” say that there is a *NEW* series of cards coming out.

They should be labled with a “G”…but they are labeled with a “I”…

Hello? What happened to G and H?

Our opinion is that the G is reserved for Black Ability Cards to match the Series F Red Ability Cards, and the H is reserved for Green Ability Cards.

Stay tuned!

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