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You are currently browsing the archives for August, 2009. is 1 year old today!

We would like to thank all you for your support and contributions during our first year!

As our way of saying thanks, the first 5 4 people who send us an e-mail will receive a Random Brawler/Trap, Gate Card and an Attribute Card!

Make sure you give us your correct address!

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New Bakuglow Brawlers, New Cards, and some typos – Part 2

In the previous post, I mentioned there were some typos in the N series.  Cards 33 and 36, which bear the names Copper Launcher and Pip, say they are part of the D series.

If you look at the sequence number, you will see that they are part of the N series.

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Maxus Helios

Some of you may have heard about the Mega Brawler called “Maxus Helios”.

To create your own, you will need the following Bakugan Battle Brawlers:

Spindle (looks like a Leefram, but it has a minigun popping out of its head).


Or you could buy this one:



By clicking this link:

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Technical Problems

Some of you noticed the site was down.  Our apologies.  GoDaddy, while a wonderful registrar, is pretty strict on renewing domain names, even if you own 300 of them.

The problem has obviously been fixed.  Stay tuned for new information on Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

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New Bakuglow Brawlers, New Cards, and some typos – Part 1

Woo hoo!

The new Bakuglow Series is here!

What is Bakuglow?  We ASSUME that they will glow in the dark or have a funky color scheme.  We did not find any in the battle packs (our experience shows that SpinMaster puts them in singles first, then in the battle packs).

Here are of some of the new Bakugan Battle Brawlers you will find in the Bakuglow series:


Bakuglow Haos Foxbat



Bakuglow Aquos Fencer - 700g!


Bakuglow Ventus Alpha Percival

There is also a new set of cards, the “N” series.  Some of the ones we have are downright nasty, and if you don’t get these you are going to be majorly pwned.

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