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Bakugan Bronze Brawlers

Here is a photo of one of the Bakugan Bronze Brawlers:


This is a Preyas Diablo, with only 1 head.

And despite its color, it’s Aquos!

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Bakugan B3 Brawlers spotted!

BakuCore, BakuCrystal, and BakuSteel are the new designations.


Here we have one old friend, Nemus….


and two new friends……


The B3s come with Q-series cards, and some of these are game-breakers!

Did I mention that some of the cards are lenticular?

I am totally digging the color scheme.



Hylash spotted in the stores!

Haos Hylash

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Evolution Packs

Seen at Wal-Mart:

“Evolution Packs”.  They contain B-series Gate and Ability Cards, but……check out these two translucent Brawlers:

Ventus IngramDarkus Hydranoid

My marketing/sales manager says that the Ventus Brawler is an Ingram, and the Darkus Brawler is a Hydranoid.

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