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Benvenuto, amici di Bakugan!

I saw that some of our new people are coming from Italy, and I wanted to welcome them.

Ho veduto che alcuna della nostra nuova gente sta venendo dall’Italia ed ho voluto accoglierlo favorevolmente.

Grazie per visitare. Ritorni prego!

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Bakugan Elico Brawler

Here is a new brawler called Elico:


His special ability is Attribute change.



Bakugan B3 BakuFlip Brawler!

Maybe I should just sleep outside the stores….Check out THIS BakuFlip Brawler:





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Turbine Hades is in the house!

[Photo not available at Press Time]

There is a new Turbine Brawler is stores; the Turbine Hades.

Just like the Turbine Helios, this one has an internal gyroscope.

Sorry kids, the Brawler spins on its own when you insert and pull the ripcord.  Combine this with your normal shooting methods and you can get this Brawler to land almost anywhere on the battlefield.  Check out this video for an example.

Turbine Hades

Then check out this video to see how the Spin Brawlers work.

Spin Brawler

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