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You are currently browsing the archives for February, 2010. March Madness Contest Preview!

Hey Brawlers!

Did you have a chance to get to any of the BakuCon events?

Did you collect all of the special BakuCon cards?

Here’s a hint on how to win our March Madness contest.  You will need some video skills…..

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BakuCon U.S. Champion Announced!




BakuCon U.S. Champ --- Christopher Ruff

Fanatics of the toy and TV phenomenon Bakugan traveled from all over the country to New York’s Roseland Ballroom on the weekend, for their chance to be crowned the first ever Bakugan national champion at Baku-Con.  Christopher Ruff of Cerritos, California won the title, besting thousands of tournament hopefuls from Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Orlando and New York.

Thousands packed the Roseland Ballroom over the weekend, as kids not only came to compete, but also to participate in a wide variety of Bakugan activities.  Spin Master flew in 128 of the top Bakugan brawlers from across America to compete in the weekend’s championship event, who had been competing in regional Baku-Con tournaments since the beginning of January.

“Kids are crazy over Bakugan, and they really loved the Baku-Con experience,” said Harold Chizick, VP Global Communications and Promotions for Spin Master.  “They came out in droves for each of the regionals, and the Roseland Ballroom was buzzing with excitement over the weekend.  The action was just amazing.  Congratulations to Christopher Ruff for being an amazing brawler, and becoming the first ever Bakugan national champion.”

Regional Baku-Con champions are Chicago’s Abel Fernandez, Los Angeles’ Elijah Torres, Dallas’ Nick Spagnoletti, Orlando’s Matt Torres, and New York City’s Andrew Perico.

BakuCon U.S. Championship Award Ceremony

Access Bakugan’s official YouTube channel below to view the BakuCon U.S. Championship award ceremony… 


 Congratulations from Bakugan and Spin Master!

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BakuExo-Skin, Gundalian Invader Super Assault Brawler aka Avior

Another Bakugan Gundalian Invader Super Assault Brawler hit the shelves this week!

Say hello to the BakuExo-Skin, otherwise known as Avior.  Here it is closed:

Here it is in mode 1: Open, wings up (so you can’t attach Battle Gear)

Here it is in mode 2: Open, Wings down

Here it is in mode 3: Open, and the “skin” has stretched!  Yessss!

Here it is with Vilantor Gear attached!

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Hot off the Press: Our new Bakugan Gundalian Invaders video!

Check out our little Bakugan Gundalian Invaders video:

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Information on BakuTriads

The new term for the Starter Pack is BakuTriad.  Although the label says that they are compatible with the new Battle Gear, only two of the Brawlers in each pack are.  The other Brawler has the DNA for online play, but no connections for Battle Gear.

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