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Bakugan – September and October 2010 Previews

Spin Master presents…

Official Gundalian Invaders Bakugan
September and October 2010 Release Previews

Click the video above, or here, to view

Lord Darkus previews the 20 unreleased, upcoming brand new Core, Super Assault, and Battle Gear Bakugan that will be released in the September and October 2010 wave including:

CORE: Sky & Gaia Dragonoid, Dartaak, Jetro, Fangoid, Luxtor, Blitz Dragonoid, Phantom Dharak, Spidaro, Zeon Hylash, Askela

SUPER ASSAULT: Quakix Gorem, Ziperator, Irisca, Gyrazor

BATTLE GEAR: Gigarth, Vicer, Spartablaster, Lashor, Swayther, Razoid

Check out the official Bakugan Collection at:

Talk about the upcoming Bakugan on the official Bakugan community:

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Single Attribute Bakugan… Mega Power

Don’t overlook powerful abilities that only apply to one of your Bakugan or Bakugan Battle Gear in your team.

The blue Ability Card, Enchanted Silver, boosts your Bakugan’s G-Power based on its attribute during a battle where you have a Silver Battle Gear in play. In this case, the Ability Card gives Darkus Bakugan a massive +150 G-Power boost. For a battle example, you can call a Darkus Plitheon to stand and then throw down a Silver Vilantor Gear to give Plitheon its first G-Power boost. Then, devastate your opponent by using Enchanted Silver and add even more Gs to Darkus Plitheon!

For more information on how to play Bakugan, visit the Bakugan Gameplay FAQ here.

I hope you’ll use this month’s tips during your next brawl in order to maximize your arsenal on the battle field.

See you next month for the next battle strategy tip and if you have a strategy that you would like to share with me for a future article, send your tip to with the following subject line – “Battle Tactics with Bright Light: My Strategy Tip!”

Brawl on!

Check out more battle strategy tips in the Battle Tactics archive at

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Bakugan Dimensions – Quick Start Guide

Attention New and Veteran Dimensions Brawlers:

The Bakugan Dimensions Quick Start Guide has been updated to help you out with the basics of the online world of Dimensions. Topics include general navigation, the brawlers you will meet, using your Bakugan, DNA Code console locations, battle and Fighting Styles, world maps and shopping for new gear and clothes.
Learning everything you need to know to become the ultimate brawler in Bakugan Dimensions!

Click here to access the Bakugan Dimensions Quick Start Guide and get started today!

Brawl on!
The Bakugan Dimensions Team

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Fake E-mail Addresses

Many of you are registering with fake e-mail addresses, and address from countries known for their spam.

Some of you are doing it because you think that we are going to send you some get rich quick link, or sell your name to some other parties.

Let us assure you that we have NEVER sold, traded, rented, leased, or lost our mailing list, and we do not intend to.

The only time we have used our subscriber’s e-mail is to let them know they have won a contest.

So if you are afraid to give us a real e-mail address, you may miss out of a wonderful prize.

If you are a spammer, do us a favor and just go away.  No one wants to buy what you are selling.

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BakuBlog #16 – August 2010: G.I. Deka Bakugan

Bakugan’s BakuBlog

Get your bowl full of exclusive Bakugan insider information.
It’s an excellent source of your weekly news nutrition!

Issue #16 – August 2010
Gundalian Invaders Deka Bakugan


Be sure to bookmark Bakugan’s BakuBlog Archive here to access past and new issues

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