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Series 2c Card List (Complete)

This is the Complete List of Cards (Gate and Ability) for Bakugan Battle Brawlers Series 2c:

1/48c Aquos Vortex
2/48c Powder Keg
3/48c Heavy Surf
4/48c The Cliffs
5/48c Vacuum
6/48c Pit Dweller
7/48c Nightmare
8/48c The Spires
9/48c Monarus
10/48c Harpus
11/48c Fourtress
12/48c Sirenoid
13/48c Rattleoid
14/48c Lone Wolf
15/48c Ethereas
16/48c El Condor
17/48c G-Power Swap
18/48c Lock & Load
19/48c Lift
20/48c Bait
21/48c Drain Power
22/48c Special Help
23/48c High Voltage
24/48c Sting
25/48c Runo’s Launcher
26/48c Masquerade’s Launcher
27/48c Marucho’s Launcher
28/48c Julie’s Launcher
29/48c Stealin’
30/48c Combo Battle
31/48c Shun’s Launcher
32/48c Dan’s Launcher
33/48c Darkfire Color Shift
34/48c Lightwind Color Shift
35/48c Brushfire
36/48c G-Power Increase
37/48c Triangle of Power
38/48c Power Triangle
39/48c Special Bump
40/48c Special Boost
41/48c Touch With Fire
42/48c Flowing Waters
43/48c See The Light
44/48c Darkness to Victory
45/48c Strong Winds Blow
46/48c Ground
47/48c Bee Striker
48/48c Tentaclear

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