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Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders!

OMG!  I don’t know WHERE to start.  I have to start carrying a camera around with me.  I didn’t today, so you will have to wait until tonight for pix.

Here is the deal:  Are you ready?

You can now add weaponry called Battle Gear to your new Brawlers!

The weapons can add G-Power to your Brawler AND there are cards specifically for them. They are BLUE!

These new Brawlers also have something called hidden DNA.  When you rub it, a code gets revealed that will allow you to go online and unleash your Brawler!


Season 3: Gundalian Invaders Bakugan Codes – DO NOT SHARE

Attention brawlers!

We would like to notify all brawlers to not share your Bakugan Season 3 Gundalian Invaders ‘heat reveal’ 10-digit codes with anyone else as they are specific to each Bakugan and will be required for future online use. Do not post the code or pictures of your Bakugan online. Once the code has been entered online in the upcoming redemption system you cannot use it again, so please keep your code a secret for your eyes only!

Stay tuned to as the homepage will feature more information as we draw closer to the release of the online system and the use of the 10-digit ‘heat reveal’ codes that are found on Season 3 Gundalian Invaders Bakugan.

Thank you!

~ The Bakugan Team

Later this evening, I will have pix, and will be able to write at greater length!

I saw the Pyrus, the Aquos and the Darkus Invaders!  You will too!

Rock Hammer Battle Gear

Rock Hammer DNA Side

Pyrus Coredom

Rock Hammer Open

Coredom with Rock Hammer

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Bakugan Bronze Brawlers

Here is a photo of one of the Bakugan Bronze Brawlers:


This is a Preyas Diablo, with only 1 head.

And despite its color, it’s Aquos!

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New Bakuglow Brawlers, New Cards, and some typos – Part 1

Woo hoo!

The new Bakuglow Series is here!

What is Bakuglow?  We ASSUME that they will glow in the dark or have a funky color scheme.  We did not find any in the battle packs (our experience shows that SpinMaster puts them in singles first, then in the battle packs).

Here are of some of the new Bakugan Battle Brawlers you will find in the Bakuglow series:


Bakuglow Haos Foxbat



Bakuglow Aquos Fencer - 700g!


Bakuglow Ventus Alpha Percival

There is also a new set of cards, the “N” series.  Some of the ones we have are downright nasty, and if you don’t get these you are going to be majorly pwned.

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700g Clayf may NOT be the strongest Brawler

While everyone seems to think that a 700g Clayf is the most powerful Bakugan Battle Brawler, we have proof that it may not be.

On our weekly Bakugan trip, we found a Special Ability Preyas. Before we tell you about it, let us tell you what existed before this one.

There is a Series 1 Preyas, that does not change its attribute.
There is a Series 2 Preyas, that does change its attribute.

So imagine our surprise when we found an


Clear Series 1 or 2 Aquos Preyas

Aquos Series 1/2 sized (not B2) Preyas with the following feature:


It has 3 settings: 400g, 540g and 660g

So what, you say. 660 is still lower than 700. But wait, there’s more!

This Brawler starts with a printed G-Power of 680!

Clear Series 1 or 2 Aquos Preyas

So, the way we see it, the LOWEST G-power this Preyas has is 1080 (680+400), and the highest is 1340 (680+660)!

Where’s that Clayf now? LOL!


7 More names of cards

Aquos Vortex
Lone Wolf
Runo’s Launcher
Special Bump

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