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Battle Gear 101: Maximize Your Arsenal


With an already amped up battlefield of incredibly powerful monsters, the world of Bakugan throws brawlers to the edge of their battle wits with all-new Bakugan Battle Gear! Increase your overall G-Power in battle by magnetically connecting massive weapons to Gundalian Invaders Bakugan and unleash your most powerful attack!

Along with the over-the-top G-Powers new rules and elements to a brawler’s strategy are introduced. This feature article will help you with the basics of Battle Gear and give you a titanium foundation to build your own devastating Battle Gear strategies on.

Presented in a good ol’ fashioned ‘Question and Answer’ style, gather critical Battle Gear information from the 101 article that can help you send your next opponent to the nearest computer eager to learn how you epically defeated them! Use this vital information along with the official Bakugan Series 3 Rules and the official Bakugan Gameplay FAQ to claim victory anywhere you happen to battle.

Battle Gear 101
Maximize Your Arsenal

Q: Can I use Battle Gear with Bakugan from any series and type?
A: Yes! Although there are specific Bakugan that are designed to be fit perfectly with the weapon, Battle Gear can be used with any Bakugan from series 1, series 2 (New Vestroia), and series 3 (Gundalian Invaders). If you want to use the Battle Gear with a Bakugan that does not specifically equip it simply open the Battle Gear on the Gate Card in battle and process it as you normally would, as stated below.

Q: How do I use Battle Gear in battle?
A: Bakugan Battle Gear are played during a battle (from your unused pile). Place your Battle Gear on the back of your Bakugan to open it. It may also be opened on a Gate Card. Add the G-Power revealed on the inside of the Battle Gear to your battling Bakugan. If your Bakugan’s attribute matches either of the attributes on  your Battle Gear reference card, then you get that ability as well; Or, if your Battle Gear matches the color of the Gate Card being battled on (Gold, Silver, or Copper. Also see Battle Gear Attributes) you choose any one ability on the Battle Gear reference card to use in this battle.

Battle Gear move like regular Bakugan. At the end of a battle, they move to your used pile. When you have no Bakugan to roll, all of your Bakugan, Bakugan Trap, and Battle Gear move to your unused pile.

Each player may use a total of 2 Bakugan Trap or Battle Gear (or a mixture equaling 2). So, a brawler may have 2 Bakugan Trap. Or, a brawler may have 2 Battle Gear. And, a brawler may have 1 Bakugan Trap and 1 Battle Gear.

Q: What are the Battle Gear Attributes?
A: Battle Gear come in one of three Attributes: Gold, Silver, or Copper. Not only are the Battle Gear’s highlights colored appropriately to their Attribute, but they also have an icon painted on them to tell the brawler what kind of attribute they are:

Gold Attribute
Looks like a target, or crosshair.

Silver Attribute
Looks like a missle, or triangle.

Copper Attribute
Looks like a cat’s eye.

If your Battle Gear has the same attribute as the Gate Card you are battling on then you may choose to either: 1) If your Bakugan’s attribute matches either of the attributes on your reference card, you get the ability as well, or 2) If you Battle Gear matches the attribute of the Gate Card you are battling on you can choose any one ability on the Battle Gear reference card to use in this battle.

Knowledge and education is the most valuable weapon on the battlefield! Now that you are properly equipped with the basics of how to use Battle Gear you can now effectively begin making your own strategies that fuse Bakugan with their new weapons. Keep in mind that these are the barebones of Battle Gear use. For more specific situations and rules information be sure to read the Battle Gear FAQ section in the Bakugan Gameplay FAQ.

Brawl on!

~ Lord Darkus and Bright Light

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New Attributes in the Stores Today!

We just got back from the store, and saw a Pyrus Lumitroid!

We left them there to give some of you brawlers the chance to get them!

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Hidden feature on Bakugan Gate Cards!

Your read it here first, friends.

You probably didn’t notice, but nearly all of the Gate Cards (Except the D and E series) has a hidden feature that has yet to be revealed.  We are going to call it the “Dark Attribute”.

If you look at an Earthen Mound Gate Card, you will see the Highlighted Attribute.  It looks like a yellow sunburst.  In this case, it is Darkus.

Now, look at the other attributes,  They *SHOULD* have a white ring around them.  But some of the have a DARK ring.  Do you see it?  If you don’t look at the Subterra Bonus.


What’s it for?

Well, we know that several cards give G-Power boosts for highlighted attributes.  I’ll bet that more cards are coming to make use of the “Dark Attribute”!


Stay tuned!

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