Planet Bakugan

Homeworld of the galaxy's finest Bakugan Battle Brawlers!

Squid or Octopus Bakugan? Way Cool!

This is the first Brawler that opens by rolling it on a metal gate card OR by pushing the button that looks like the brain!

P.S. It’s called a Freezer


Aquos and Subterra Bakutin Information!

The Aquos Bakutin contains a Juggernoid and a Stinglash.

The Subterra Bakutin contains a Dragonoid and a Reaper.

As soon as we shoot photos, All 6 Bakutins will be in our store


Auctions and the Status of the Tuned packs

Check out this auction (not the girl):

$33 bucks for a Ventus Manion???  We’re RAISING our prices!

Just kidding…..But it does show you that the game is hot, and supplies are running low, even in October.  I think a 630 Manion combo is in the store…

About the Tuned Packs: Our play testers cam back with honest, yet hurtful comments.  So, we go back to the drawing board.  Our first pack will be called “The Green Meanies”.  Guess what color it will be?

Has anyone ever seen a 650g Subterra Terrorclaw.  Check out the store on Saturday!

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Bakugan and Taco Bell

Some of you may not realize that Taco Bell has been in business for over 40 years.

They have done that by taking flour tortillas, corn tortillas, meat, cheese, beans, onions, and lettuce and creating different combos.

We got a tip that the same thing was happening in the Bakugan world.

There is a new CHARACTER PACK.  It has 1 Bakugan Battle Brawler, 1 Series 1 Gate Card, and a figurine! 

So far, there are Dragonoid, Fear Ripper, Reaper, Juggernoid, and Serpenoid Character Packs.

Look for some new combos and Cards in the store next week!

One more thing:  Some of you may not know the difference between Series 1 and Series 2 Gate Cards.  Series 2 Gate Cards can increase or maintain the G-Power of a Bakugan Battle Brawler.  Series 1 Gate Cards can increase, maintain, or DECREASE the G-Power.  A very valuable card to have in your battle, don’t you think?

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Quality Control SNAFU or Uber-Rare Collectible?

We got our hands on, get this….


We got it from a Series 1 pack, which may explain why. It’s a 400g, and it came with a 350g Siege and a 300g Garganoid.

Where would you use this Brawler? On a Series 1 Gate Card that drops all other attributes except Darkus…..

Look for it in the store (, not retail…hello?) if we can bear to part with it.

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