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New Brawlers in the Stores!

Just in time for Christmas/Kwanzaa/Las Posadas/Boxing Day!

We found a 1200G brawler!

Yes, we did.  That is NOT a misprint.  We will crack open the Bakutriad we found it in and show you pictures this weekend!

And, we will show you pics of some of the new Battle Gear, like Lansor, Terrorcrest and Battle Crusher.

It’s on and crackin!

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Gundalian Invaders Photo Gallery

We would like to thank for providing us with the images for the Gundalian Invaders Photo Gallery.

We have three of the galleries up so far, and will have the rest by the end of the week.

You can click HERE, or you can click on the link for the Photo Gallery on the right hand side in the Blogroll section.

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BakuMetalix AKA Phosphos Gundalian Invader

Just when I think it’s safe to stop blogging, another Invader shows up!

Meet Phosphos:

Oh, yessssss!

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Bakugan Season 3 Gundalian Invaders Website


Welcome to the All-New Gundalian Invaders Bakugan Website!

Bakugan is pleased to announce the official release of a brand new series, Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Gundalian Invaders!

The Bakugan battles continue! Higher stakes! More fierce competition! With new weapons and characters, true warriors are needed to answer the call to brawl! now features an all-new interface with amazing features to help brawlers quickly find what they are looking for, including:

  • Collection: All-New Collection databases complete with Search functionality to find the latest Core, Super Assault, Battle Gear, Special Attack, and Bakugan Trap. Also easily navigate the latest Gate, Ability, Battle Gear and Special Evolution Cards, and newest Bakugan product.
  • Media: Videos highlighting the latest Bakugan News
  • Universe: Character and Attribute bios
  • Gameplay: Battle Training videos, Rules downloads, FAQs,  Instructions and How-To Assemble Bakugan
  • Connect: Information on official Bakugan events and tournaments
  • Fun Stuff: This section is all about… well… fun stuff! Play fun online mini-games testing your launching skills, battlefield memory, and puzzle-busting intelligence. Customize your desktop with cool wallpapers, screensavers, and IM icons. Print out full-color collections posters. Create your own custom eCards, comic strips, and comic books!
  • Social Network Quick Links: Blistering fast access to any of Bakugan’s social network pages including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and the official community

Brawl on!

~ The Bakugan and Spin Master Teams

2 comments March Madness Contest Preview!

Hey Brawlers!

Did you have a chance to get to any of the BakuCon events?

Did you collect all of the special BakuCon cards?

Here’s a hint on how to win our March Madness contest.  You will need some video skills…..

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