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BakuBlog #18 – GI Brawler Game Pack

Bakugan’s BakuBlog

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Issue #18 – August 2010
Gundalian Invaders Brawler Game Pack


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Bakugan Dimensions – Quick Start Guide

Attention New and Veteran Dimensions Brawlers:

The Bakugan Dimensions Quick Start Guide has been updated to help you out with the basics of the online world of Dimensions. Topics include general navigation, the brawlers you will meet, using your Bakugan, DNA Code console locations, battle and Fighting Styles, world maps and shopping for new gear and clothes.
Learning everything you need to know to become the ultimate brawler in Bakugan Dimensions!

Click here to access the Bakugan Dimensions Quick Start Guide and get started today!

Brawl on!
The Bakugan Dimensions Team

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Bakugan Dimensions Special Offer


Attention Brawler!

As a thank you for being such a loyal brawler we are giving away one Bakugan DNA Code for each DNA Code you redeem during the month of August. Starting August 1st for every Bakugan DNA Code you redeem in Bakugan Dimensions, up to five (5) codes per account, you will receive one bonus Bakugan DNA Code for free!

Add this summer’s newest Bakugan to your collection today! Boost your attack with the latest Super Assault Bakugan, like Apexeon, Longfly and Cobrakus. Weaponize your Bakugan with the strongest Bakugan Battle Gear, like Lansor, Terrorcest and Battle Crusher. And look out for the newest core Bakugan, such as Linehalt, Hawktor and Rubanoid. All these and more are available at retail stores across the country — hunt them down and add them to your collection today!

Simply follow the steps below to receive your code on us!

  • Step 1: Log into Bakugan Dimensions using your game account.
  • Step 2: Redeem your DNA Code in the nearest DNA Console
  • Step 3: Receive an email from us with one code for each DNA Code you redeem.

For each DNA Code redeemed during the promotion window, one DNA Code will be emailed to the email address used to register the account with. There is a limit of five (5) DNA Codes per account and once the DNA Code is redeemed in game it cannot be used again. Any Code redeemed after 10:59PM PST August 31st will not be eligible for the promotion. DNA Codes are not exchangeable for other Bakugan.

**Terms and Conditions Apply: Reward Bakugan DNA cannot be exchanged for other DNA codes either through Spin Master or at Retail. Reward Bakugan DNA codes ARV($0.00). Limit 5 codes per account. All accounts must be activated and in good standing. Offer expires 10:59PM (PST) August 31, 2010. Reward code will be sent within 48 hours from when code is redeemed in game

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Bakugan’s BakuBlog – Issue #8: Bakugan Dimensions’ World Environments

Bakugan’s BakuBlog

Get your bowl full of exclusive Bakugan insider information.
It’s an excellent source of your weekly news nutrition!

Issue #8 – May 2010
Bakugan Dimensions – World Environments

Greetings brawlers!

With this issue of the BakuBlog, step in and discover never before seen sneak peeks of the upcoming online world of Bakugan Dimensions… the World Environments!

While searching for your next battle worthy opponent, you’ll be able to travel and explore the world Bakugan Dimensions, formally known as the “Inter City”. Journey to new locations, talk and battle with NPCs, visit vendors to purchase in-game items, and challenge other online brawlers in a variety of world environments. With the use of your Map, located in the HUD, you can quickly travel to your desired destination: The School, Downtown, Park or Residential.

The School

School isn’t just for mathematics and chemistry anymore… educate your opponent on the fine art of brawling! Explore the classrooms and hallways in search of your next opponent or friendly brawler to discuss strategies. Take on studious NPCs to hone in on your skills or challenge other brawlers to see who has the most brawling smarts.


If you’re feeling urban, check out Downtown. Spend your hard earned BakuCoin at the shops, take on exciting quests, and meet up with a city slickin’ brawler to commence in a battle or chat about anything and everything Bakugan. If you wish to take a break from brawling with a real life adversary, talk to one of the Downtown NPCs for a player-versus-environment Bakugan throw down.


Take your battle hungry Bakugan out for a stroll through Bakugan Dimensions’ Park. The Park is full of lush trees and plants, and most importantly, even more Bakugan combat. Meet up with your friends for a casual chat or engage them in an all out Park assault.


There’s a new brawler on the block! Explore the Residential area and prove you’re the best brawler in the ‘hood. Take a walk and be ready to clash heads… you never know who you’ll meet or who your new brawler friend may be.

Brawl like you’ve never brawled before!

~ The Bakugan Dimensions Team

Be sure to bookmark Bakugan’s BakuBlog Archive here to access past and new issues

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Battle Tactic #4: Battle Gear – April 2010


Welcome brawlers! I’m so excited to bring you this month’s issue of Battle Tactics!

This month is all about the all new and extremely exciting game play element brought to the battlefield by Bakugan Battle Gear! The new Gundalian Invaders line of Bakugan introduces these annihilating pieces of ultimate weaponry designed to amp your Bakugan’s G-Power beyond belief. Now with more muscle on the field, you can unleash amazing strategy on your opponents!

Harness the power of Battle Gear with the following basics:


How to Use Your Battle Gear!

The new Series 3 rules incorporate Battle Gear as a vital tool to claim victory on the battlefield. The official rules (download here) allow a brawler to use two special pieces in battle: 2 Battle Gear, 2 Trap, or one of each!

Battle Gear are used to beef up your Bakugan to incredible strength! To play them, simply open them on any standing Bakugan in battle and add the printed G-Power. Next, if your Bakugan’s attribute matches either of the attributes on your Battle Gear Reference Card then you get to use the ability stated! Or, if your Battle Gear matches the color of the Gate Card being battled on, you can choose any one of Reference Card abilities.

Additionally, Battle Gear can be used on ANY Bakugan! If a Battle Gear weapon isn’t designed to fit your Bakugan specifically, you can still use it by opening it on the Gate Card in battle and process the same as mentioned above.

For more information on how to use Battle Gear, check out the Bakugan’s featured article ‘Battle Gear 101: Maximize Your Arsenal’ here.

Now that you’ve learned the Battle Gear basics, you’ll be able to take your game strategy to the next level!

Thank you for tuning in to this month’s Battle Tactics and hope you’ll tune in next month for my latest strategy tip!

If you have a strategy that you would like to share with me for a future article, send your tip to with the following subject line – “Battle Tactics with Bright Light: My Strategy Tip”!

Brawl on!

~ BrightLight

Check out more battle strategy tips in the Battle Tactics archive at

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