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Series I Cards, and a Question

If you look on the right habd side for the links, you will see we hve osted the new Series 2i cards.

Here is a picture of one:


We have a question for SpinMaster:

Several cards, like Hades, have a “TM” (Trademark for those who don’t) know.

How do you trademark a word already in the public domain?  Hades is a Greek word meaning “The abode of the dead”.

It is mentioned throughout Greek Mythology and the Bible.

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What’s next in this sequence? A B C D E F..

Rumors in “BakuganLand” say that there is a *NEW* series of cards coming out.

They should be labled with a “G”…but they are labeled with a “I”…

Hello? What happened to G and H?

Our opinion is that the G is reserved for Black Ability Cards to match the Series F Red Ability Cards, and the H is reserved for Green Ability Cards.

Stay tuned!

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Bakugan Series 2F card complete list available!

If you look down the right hand side of this blog, you will find the link for the new Series 2F cards.

They are all ability cards.  Enjoy!

Oh wait!

Many of you have asked for pictures of the cards.  We are working on that.  Many of you have asked for some combination strategies.  We are also working on that and are trying to combine it into one huge site.

The site will be called

We had a target date of April, but that will slip.  Sorry about that.  Give s a few days and we will start uploading the pics to this site,

Stay tuned!

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B2 Bakutins in the store!

This just in!

Spin Master has released a new set of Bakutins.

The bad news:

They aren’t cheap.  They are almost $30.

The 10 cards that come with the 2 Brawlers are from Series 2.

The Two Brawlers (at least the 6 we’ve seen) aren’t that powerful.







The GOOD news:

– The artwork on the tins rock!


– They are B2-sized Brawlers.

– The Bakugan are done up in the “Flip” color scheme.  The Darkus Flip looks like a Special Attack Hydranoid released in 2008.

– There are cards to help you.  The following Gate and Ability card mention Bakugan with “special treatments”. 

2b – Special Boost, 38/48
2b – Special Crush, 39/48
2c – Special Help, 22/48
2c – Special Bump, 39/48
2c – Special Boost, 40/48
2d – Distraction, 27/48

It turns out that Pearl, Flip, Dual Attribute (Swap), and Clear ALL qualify for “special treatment”.

Pics later this evening!

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Series 2D Card List Completed

We have completed the list for the series 2d (aka BakuSwap) Gate and Ability Cards. Click on the link to the right to get the complete list.

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