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Grab bags!

So, my marketing manager had an idea for the community.

He wants to sell Grab Bags.

I told him that it won’t work; the fans won’t go for it.

This is what he said:

“I am going to make up grab bags with 2 brawlers or battle gear and 1 metal gate card”.

“Some of them will have B1s, and some will have B2s”

“Some will have rares and some will have Super G Bakugan”.

So, I asked him how much he wants to charge.  His response:


I said, what about shipping and handling?

He said, “Included”.

I think he’s nuts.

He thinks I’m old.

Prove one on us wrong, and click the link.

We will ship grab bags to the lower 48 states only.

And because I’m watching the money, please to try to fake PayPal into giving you a Paid receipt.  I check all monies before I ship.



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Battle Gear 101: Maximize Your Arsenal – Changes!

There are some slight changes to the ‘Battle Gear 101: Maximize Your Arsenal’ .  I am posting this on the 2nd, so you don’t think it’s an April Fool Joke:

Q: Can I use Battle Gear with Bakugan from any series and type?
A: Yes!  Battle Gear can be used in gameplay with any Bakugan from series 1, series 2 (New Vestroia), and series 3 (Gundalian Invaders). While Bakugan Battle Gear will only physically attach to specific Gundalian Invader Bakugan from Series 3,  that doesn’t mean you can’t ( or shouldn’t)  use it with a series 1 or series 2 Bakugan. When using a Battle Gear with a Bakugan that does not specifically attach to its back, simply open the Battle Gear on the Gate Card in battle and process it as you normally would, as stated below.

Gold Attribute

Silver Attribute

Copper Attribute

Q: How do I use Battle Gear in battle?
A: Bakugan Battle Gear are played during a battle (from your unused pile). Place your Battle Gear on the back of your Bakugan to open it. It may also be opened on a Gate Card next to your Bakugan. Add the G-Power revealed on the inside of the Battle Gear to your battling Bakugan.

If your Bakugan’s attribute matches either of the attributes listed on  your Battle Gear reference card, then you get that ability as well; Or, if your Battle Gear matches the color of the Gate Card being battled on (Gold, Silver, or Copper attribute) you may choose any one ability on the Battle Gear reference card to use in this battle.

Battle Gear move like regular Bakugan. At the end of a battle, they move to your used pile. When you have no Bakugan to roll, all of your Bakugan, Bakugan Trap, and Battle Gear move to your unused pile.

Each player may use a total of 2 Bakugan Trap or Battle Gear (or a mixture equaling 2). So, a brawler may have 2 Bakugan Trap. Or, a brawler may have 2 Battle Gear. And, a brawler may have 1 Bakugan Trap and 1 Battle Gear.

Q: What are the Battle Gear Attributes?
A: Battle Gear come in one of three Attributes: Gold, Silver, or Copper. To determine a Battle Gear’s attribute you will see that each Battle Gear is marked with either Gold, Silver, or Copper highlights. You can also identify the Battle Gear’s attribute by looking at the icon printed on the gear as well. (See below)

Knowledge and education is the most valuable weapon on the battlefield! Now that you are properly equipped with the basics of how to use Battle Gear you can now effectively begin making your own strategies that fuse Bakugan with their new weapons. Keep in mind that these are the barebones of Battle Gear use. For more specific situations and rules information be sure to read the Battle Gear FAQ section in the Bakugan Gameplay FAQ.

Brawl on!

~ Lord Darkus and Bright Light

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Greetings brawlers! Welcome to the second issue of Battle Tactics with BrightLight!

I’m very pleased to share with you one of the most fundamental strategies to keep in mind for your next brawl. Sometimes starting off with your best foot forward can propel you to the winner’s circle and there’s no better time like the present to get started and improve your strategy just in time for BakuCon NYC.

Bakugan brawl!

Gate Card Placement, Tip #2: Early Placement

Some Gate cards can be best used when played early in the game. When you are playing one of these cards, be sure to put it out first and have a plan for what you want to do when you engage in battle on it. A great early placement card is the Copper Gate Card, ‘Rattleoid’. Battling on this card early in the game puts your enemy in an odd situation where they have to dump a bunch of Ability Cards or hold on to them allowing you to get some mega G-Power bonuses. This can be particularly devastating when brawling with the Big Game rules!

As you can see, timing can be everything, so I hope you’ll take this strategy and use it as part of your moves to defeat your opponents!

Thank you for checking out my latest tip and be sure to catch next month’s Battle Tactic here on!

And If you have a strategy that you would like to share with me for a future article, send your tip to with the following subject line – “Battle Tactics with Bright Light: My Strategy Tip”!

Brawl on!

~ BrightLight

For more strategy tips, visit the ‘Battle Tactics with BrightLight’ section of the official Bakugan community here

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Bakugan Gundalian Invaders Lumitroid

I had to muscle this into my cart.

It is the BakuBolt AKA Lumitroid!

It looks cool closed!

But here it is opened:

But wait, there’s more:

When it opens on a gate card, baby LOOK OUT!

If only it could use the Battle Gear……..

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Squid or Octopus Bakugan? Way Cool!

This is the first Brawler that opens by rolling it on a metal gate card OR by pushing the button that looks like the brain!

P.S. It’s called a Freezer


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