Planet Bakugan

Homeworld of the galaxy's finest Bakugan Battle Brawlers! is 1 year old today!

We would like to thank all you for your support and contributions during our first year!

As our way of saying thanks, the first 5 4 people who send us an e-mail will receive a Random Brawler/Trap, Gate Card and an Attribute Card!

Make sure you give us your correct address!

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Hawklea, No. Ingram, Yes.

A while back, I mistook a Siege for a Gorem.  I was corrected by a contributor to this blog, as well as Spin Master.

Guess what?  The rest of the net is wrong this time.

What is being called a Hawklea is actually an Ingram.  It doesn’t help that the Gate Card looks nothing like the Brawler. 

I will change the listings in the store.

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New Bakugan Brawlers shipping!

We found a new Bakugan Battle Brawler today. It is Haos…..


It is called a Nemus…..


But it’s DEKA sized! Whoa!!!!!


It also comes with a Nemus Gate Card…


Bakugan Traps, Spins, and Two Headed Preyas

Sighted and on the way to the store:

SpinMaster has released New “Brawlers” called Traps.  They are cube-shaped and when placed on a metal Gate card they will open up revealing either a different Attribute symbol or a G-Power. If it is an Attribute symbol, then your Bakugan’s Attribute is changed to the Attribute that is revealed. If a G-Power is revealed, then your Bakugan gains that amount of G-Power.

SpinMaster is releasing an amended version of the rules to account for the Traps.

“Spinning” Bakugan: These are new brawlers that spin when they open.  As soon as we get some, we will shoot a video for you.

There is also a *NEW* two-headed Special Attack Preyas II Bakugan.  The G-Power is different, depending on which side stands.  We will have one in about a week to show you.

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Bakugan Bakuswap and new cards

Just in time for the holidays!

The new Bakuswap Bakugan are here!

We have a two-tone Clayf (Pyrus and Subterra), which the player calls the color before rolling.


The Booster Packs we saw have a new Bakuswap Brawler, and a Series 2D Gate Card and Ability Card.


Pictures tomorrow!

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