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Hawklea, No. Ingram, Yes.

A while back, I mistook a Siege for a Gorem.  I was corrected by a contributor to this blog, as well as Spin Master.

Guess what?  The rest of the net is wrong this time.

What is being called a Hawklea is actually an Ingram.  It doesn’t help that the Gate Card looks nothing like the Brawler. 

I will change the listings in the store.

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Bakugan Mega Battle Pack January 9th!

On January 9th, will offer the Mega Battle Pack!

This is a one-of-a-kind collector’s item:

You get 1 of each representative type of Bakugan (50 total) from Series
1, Series 2, and B2 (Bakupearl, Bakuclear, and/or Bakuswap).

Here is the list:

Series Brawler Attribute G-Power Notes
B2 Appolonir Haos 480g  
B2 Bee Striker Ventus 480g  
B2 Blade Tigrerra Pyrus 520g  
1 Centipoid Aquos 400g Translucent
B2 Clayf Subterra 440g  
2 Cycloid Darkus 570g  
1 Delta Dragonoid II Pyrus 560g Pearl
B2 Dragonoid Darkus 400g  
B2 El Condor Ventus 520g  
B2 Exedra Darkus 450g  
2 Falconeer Darkus 570g  
2 Fear Ripper Haos 450g  
B2 Fortress Aquos 470g  
B2 Frosch Pyrus 310g  
2 Garganoid Darkus 300g  
B2 Gorem Subterra 670g  
2 Griffon Darkus 250g  
B2 Hammer Gorem Haos 530g  
B2 Harpus Darkus 650g  
B2 Hydranoid Pyrus 380g  
2 Hynoid Darkus 390g  
1 Juggernoid Pyrus 400g Translucent
B2 Lars Lion Haos 310g  
2 Laserman Aquos 330g  
B2 Limulus Ventus 450g  
2 Manion Ventus 630g  
2 Mantris Pyrus 420g  
B2 Monarus Ventus 560g  
B2 Naga Subterra 620g  
B2 Oberus Subterra 570g  
1 Preyas Darkus 400g Attribute Doesn’t Change
B2 Preyas II Subterra 500g  
B2 Rattleoid Haos 380g  
B2 Ravenoid Haos 460g  
B2 Reaper Darkus 490g  
B2 Robotallion Aquos 570g  
2 Saurus Haos 330g  
B2 Serpenoid Pyrus 330g  
2 Siege Darkus 350g  
B2 Sirenoid Darkus 550g  
2 Skyress Darkus 400g  
1 Stinglash Darkus 400g Translucent
B2 Storm Skyress Pyrus 370g  
B2 Tentaclear Pyrus 450g  
B2 Terrorclaw Haos 510g  
1 Tigrerra Haos 300g Translucent
2 Tuskor Subterra 400g  
B2 Warius Ventus 510g  
B2 Wavern Ventus 560g  
B2 Wormquake Subterra 400g  

You will also get a complete set of the Series 2, 2a, and 2b cards!

They won’t last long, so have your money ready to go!


‘Bakugan’ gets big-screen treatment

Universal, Stuber to adapt Japanese anime show

By Borys Kit

Dec 16, 2008, 01:00 AM ET

Universal and Stuber Prods. are hoping to capitalize on the latest toy craze among boys, entering into a deal with toy company Spin Master to bring “Bakugan Battle Brawlers” to the big screen.

“Bakugan” is a Japanese anime show airing on the Cartoon Network as well as a strategic game that uses metal cards and magnetic, spring-loaded miniature figures that transform from marblelike balls into toy monsters.

The show’s story line revolves around creatures called Bakugan and the young human battle brawlers who wield them. The creatures have such names as Pyrus Drago, Haos Tigrerra, Ventus Skyress, Subterra Gorem and Darkus Hydranoid that inform their character and power; they are involved in a battle in a parallel dimension called Vestroia that spills into ours.

“Bakugan” airs six days a week on Cartoon as one of its top shows.

No writers are on board, but the studio jumped at the chance to be in business with a toy that has a growing worldwide fan base. It also sparked to the concept and story line, which it believes will translate well into an all-ages action-adventure movie.

Spin Master’s Ronnen Harary will produce with Stuber Prods.’ Scott Stuber. Donna Langley and Jeff Kirschenbaum of Universal are overseeing. Jon Mone of Stuber Prods. brought the property to the company through Mike Drake, with whom the company just worked on the upcoming Universal release “Repossession Mambo.” Mone acts as executive producer.

Stuber Prods.’ latest Universal movie, the R-rated comedy “Role Models,” has earned more than $64 million at the domestic boxoffice. The company is in production on the Peter Billingsley-directed comedy “Couples Retreat,” starring Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman and Jon Favreau; Favreau also wrote the script.

What’s the web site going to be called? or ?

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When I am wrong, I am wrong.

Thanks to better picture taking by Spin Master, the Bakugan Battle Brawler displayed in in fact a Gorem.

I have made the changes in the store.

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Gorem or Fortress? YOU Decide!

So, apparently, I lack the skills to add pics to my replies, so here goes:

These images are from

A Bakugan Battle Brawler Fortress

A Bakugan Battle Brawler Fortress

Here is the Bakugan Battle Brawler in question:

Darkus Fortress

Darkus Fortress

Argument for me: The LEFT arm of that Brawler points UP. According to the PDF from, It cannot be a Gorem.

Argument for you: The markings at the bottom of the Gorem on would point to it being a Gorem.

In the interests of peace, I will do this: I will remove the original posts until such a time as Spin Master gets its act together and gets better pictures.

I am also going to pull the items from my store.

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