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Bakugan Battle Brawlers Series 3?

There is talk (and we can’t say where) that Series 3 is due out after Christmas.

Allegedly, the Series 3 Bakugan battle Brawlers are the 22 that haven’t shipped yet.

In other words, the Series 3 Bakugan would be:

Appolonia, Bee Striker, Blade Tigrerra, Clave (Clayf), Delta Dragonoid II, El Condor, Exedra, Frosch, Gorem, Hammer Gorem, Harpus, Hydranoid, Limulus, Monarus, Oberus, Preyas II, Rattleoid, Storm Skyress, Tentaclear, Warius, Wavern, and Wormquake.

This also means that a new series or booster pack would have to be added to complement the remaining Bakugan, and “fix” the Black Circle of Fire “misprint”.

Stay tuned!

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