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Battle Tactic #6: Deploying Your Battle Gear – June 2010

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Now that you’ve selected your Battle Gear, it’s time to use them in battle. Using your Battle Gear is an important strategy to winning the game. During your brawls, you will want to maximize the full potential of your Battle Gear by considering your arsenal and your timing.


First things first, you should try to only deploy your Battle Gear on Bakugan that have matching attributes. It’s obviously not the best to add Battle Gear that have Special Abilities for Pyrus and Darkus to a Haos Bakugan.

Keep in mind that if you deploy Battle Gear on a Gate card whose color matches the Battle Gear’s icon — Copper, Silver, or Gold — you get to choose which Special Ability to use.  Being able to use a specific Battle Gear Special Ability can spell the difference between crushing your opponent and losing the Gate Card!

Always keep in mind that your Bakugan gets the Battle Gear’s G-Power bonus whether or not its attribute matches the Battle Gear’s Special Abilities on the Reference Card. It might be a good play to deploy your Battle Gear for its G-Power alone.

Alternately, you can deploy a Trap and a Battle Gear in the same battle. This can let you use a Battle Gear’s Special Ability even if your Bakugan doesn’t match either of its Special Ability attributes! Using a Trap and a Battle Gear in the same battle uses up a lot of your resources all at once though, so be careful. Of course, if you can win your third Gate Card by deploying a Trap and Battle Gear at once, go for it! Remember, if you win the third and final battle you win the game.

While you’re battling, also note that you get to bring Battle Gear back from your Used pile to your Unused pile at the same time as your Bakugan. This can really affect when you choose to play your Battle Gear.

For more information on how to use Battle Gear, visit the Bakugan Gameplay FAQ here.

I hope you’ll use this month’s tips during your next brawl in order to maximize your arsenal on the battle field.

See you next month for the next battle strategy tip and if you have a strategy that you would like to share with me for a future article, send your tip to with the following subject line – “Battle Tactics with Bright Light: My Strategy Tip!”

Brawl on!

Check out more battle strategy tips in the Battle Tactics archive at

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Welcome to the first issue of Battle Tactics with BrightLight!

I’m very excited to bring you this new article which will be published monthly, highlighting battle strategies for you to hone your brawling skills and become a top brawler. And with Baku-Con just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to develop your brawling tactics!

Let’s get this brawl started with my first strategy tip!

Gate Card Placement: Conditional

The order in which you play your Gate cards is almost as important as which cards you choose to play with. Gate cards are unusual as they don’t necessarily do anything outside of a battle. It’s not until they are actually used in a brawl that you will see their full affect. So, you have to strategically think ahead when playing Gate cards.

Using a card more than once is a great battle tactic! Take for example, the Gate card ‘Flybeetle Rescue’ which allows you to put a used Red Ability card into your unused pile. When using this Gate card you need to make sure that by the time a battle begins on the card that you have a Red Ability card in your used pile. If you are using a Red Ability card with a generic use like ‘Try Again’, which allows you to re-roll any Pyrus, Haos, or Subterra Bakugan, then don’t play ‘Flybeetle Rescue’ until you have already used ‘Try Again’. However, if you are using a Red Ability card like ‘Flames of Light’ then you can play ‘Flybeetle Rescue’ first. Then, use the ‘Flames of Light’ to add a Bakugan to the Gate card when your opponent lands on it.

Using Gate cards and Ability cards in a strategic order is critical to claiming ultimate victory on the battlefield and is one of the most basic but necessary tactics to keep in mind.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first tip and I can’t wait to share more battle tactics with you each month. If you have a strategy that you would like to share with me for a future article, send your tip to with the following subject line – “Battle Tactics with Bright Light: My Strategy Tip”!

Brawl on!

~ BrightLight

For more strategy tips, visit the ‘Battle Tactics with BrightLight’ section of the official Bakugan community here

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Bakuvice AKA Clawsaurus?

We just got back from the NBA All-Star Game in Dallas.  On the way home, we found this Haos Brawler.  The packaging says that it is and we quote a “Bakugan Super Assault” Bakuvice.

Bakuvice AKA Clawsaurus - Open

Bakuvice AKA Clawsaurus - Closed

Bakuvice AKA Clawsaurus - Open

Then we opened it up and saw there is a Red Ability Card called Clawsaurus. The picture sure looks like a Bakuvice.

What do you think?  Do you like it?

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New Bakuglow Brawlers, New Cards, and some typos – Part 1

Woo hoo!

The new Bakuglow Series is here!

What is Bakuglow?  We ASSUME that they will glow in the dark or have a funky color scheme.  We did not find any in the battle packs (our experience shows that SpinMaster puts them in singles first, then in the battle packs).

Here are of some of the new Bakugan Battle Brawlers you will find in the Bakuglow series:


Bakuglow Haos Foxbat



Bakuglow Aquos Fencer - 700g!


Bakuglow Ventus Alpha Percival

There is also a new set of cards, the “N” series.  Some of the ones we have are downright nasty, and if you don’t get these you are going to be majorly pwned.

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New Special Attack Bakugan – Guess Who?

Apologies to The Association



Which Bakugan is this in the picture?

Its not a boost and it’s not a trap…

Which Bakugan is now in the sto-ores?

Everyone knows it’s Elfin!


And Elfin has buggy eyes.

And arms that maybe fly.


And G-Power that cha-anges

For you to brawl….for you to brawl..



O.K., it was a bad pun.  So I won’t make it on American Idol.


Here is Elfin, the newest Special Attack Bakguan.


This is the Haos Version.


The G-Power has  different levels:  340g, 570g and…660G!


There is NO base G-Power.


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