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Mechtanium Surge Comic Contest Announced!


Let the summer fun begin! Celebrate the summer with a few laughs by creating your very own Bakugan Comic for the Mechtanium Surge Comic Contest!
Show off your Mechtanium Surge humor by submitting your most witty comic featuring Mechtanium Surge Bakugan, Mechtogan, Mechtogan T.itans, Mobile Assaults and/or BakuNano! Reveal your funny side and enter your comic for a chance to win by July 31st, 2011!

The top three entries will be awarded the following Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Prize Package: Four (4) BakuSolo, one (1) BakuTrinity, three (3) Mechtogan and one (1) Mechtogan T.itan.
Additionally, one randomly selected entry will receive the same Prize Package, which means brawlers of all skill levels have a chance to win!
Enter now and good luck!

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