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Stop the Presses! Bakutins are in the House!

We couldn’t wait to get home to open the box. 

Here is a Bakutin.  It has a Pyrus “Pearl” (Think the white used in the Special Series 1 Bakugan) Laserman and a Robotallion!



Bakutins can hold 18 Brawlers and up to 50 cards.  It comes with 5 Gate and 5 Ability Cards from the series 2 set.

And it comes in Haos, Pyrus, Darkus, and Ventus (at least the ones we saw/grabbed).

We will fill you in on the rest of the tins this evening!

For more information, click the “Bakutin Contents on the right, OR click here:

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We reach the 100 mark!

We now have OVER 100 Bakugan in our store, and we don’t expect them to last very long.

Haos, Aquos, Darkus, Pyrus, Sub Terra, Ventus? We have them.

Dragonoids? We have them. Laserman? Got it. Juggernoids? Yup.  Hynoids?  Which attribute?

We have all tyes of G-Power, from 0 (more on this later) to 600.  If you play power battle, or weenie wars, we have your Bakugan!

Watch for the opening September 1, 2008, so you can be the first to get these Bakugan!

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