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Bakugan I <3 Bakugan Contest Announcement!


Love… a four letter word that comes and goes in our lives. Likes the tides of the ocean it brings all sorts of treasures ashore for us to cherish before it is swept away again… With the Shakespearian poetry aside, we brawlers have a deep passion for our Guardian Bakugan and the battlefield!

In celebration of February’s holiday of adoration, we want to know why you love Bakugan. During the whole month, submit a short essay (approximately 250 words) describing why you are passionate about brawling, the battlefield, and the universe of Bakugan. The top 3 essays will win a lovely gift pack consisting of a full set of the exclusive BakuCon Ability Cards, a Starter Pack, a Bakugan Trap, and a Carry Case. Additionally, one randomly selected essay will also receive a gift pack. So, regardless of writing skills, everyone has a chance to win!

I Love Bakugan Contest Requirements:

  • To participate:
    • Write a short essay describing why you love Bakugan (approx. 250 words)
    • Send it in using one of the methods below
  • Submit your entry:
    • Forums – Post your entry directly to the official forum thread found here!
    • Email – Email your entry to *Provide your username and registered email*
    • Mail – Mail your entry to ‘Bakugan I Love Bakugan Contest – Contest Entry’ c/o Spinmaster 5890 W. Jefferson Blvd. Ste K, Los Angeles, CA 90016’ *Provide your username and registered email*
  • Judging – All entries will be judged using the following criteria:
    • Creativity
    • Passion
    • Relevancy (making sure your essay makes sense)
  • Only one entry per account per person.

Please refer to the official rules for specific information on how to submit an entry, prizing, and rules.

Good luck!

~ LordDarkus, BrightLight and the Bakugan team

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We will be providing more exciting news for you in the coming weeks!  Please remember that is the official site for all Bakugan-related news, game play, rules, and events!

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New Bakuglow Brawlers, New Cards, and some typos – Part 1

Woo hoo!

The new Bakuglow Series is here!

What is Bakuglow?  We ASSUME that they will glow in the dark or have a funky color scheme.  We did not find any in the battle packs (our experience shows that SpinMaster puts them in singles first, then in the battle packs).

Here are of some of the new Bakugan Battle Brawlers you will find in the Bakuglow series:


Bakuglow Haos Foxbat



Bakuglow Aquos Fencer - 700g!


Bakuglow Ventus Alpha Percival

There is also a new set of cards, the “N” series.  Some of the ones we have are downright nasty, and if you don’t get these you are going to be majorly pwned.

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Public Service Announcement – Custom Bakugan

As a Bakugan-based web/blogmaster, I have had many opportunities to speak with the legal counsel for SpinMaster. This week, we spoke about the new phenomenon of customzing Bakugan. Some people are putting lights on them, others are changing the paint scheme, while others are “fusing” two or more Brawlers together.  This is SpinMaster’s take on the practice:

There are greedy and self serving individuals violating the law by advertising and selling so called “Customized” or “Enhanced” BAKUGAN Toys. They alter the G-Power or Appearance of an authentic BAKUGAN and try and pass it off as a real Bakugan which it is not. These so called “Customized” or “Enhanced” BAKUGAN Toys are really altered or damaged goods which are illegal and not permitted in BAKUGAN Play.  Unsuspecting consumers are being fraudulently misled into purchasing these altered goods only to find that they cannot use them in BAKUGAN Play.

United States Trademark Law prohibits a person from making material alterations to a BAKUGAN BATTLE BRAWLERS Toy and selling that toy in connection with use or reference to the BAKUGAN Name or claiming the altered toy is a BAKUGAN Product.

Case law is on all fours with instances where BAKUGAN are “Customized” or “Enhanced” to alter or change a Bakugan’s G-Power, appearance or attributes. Such altered BAKUGAN are prohibited and not recognized as true Bakugan under the playing rules and are disqualified from play. Because of these alterations, these items are no longer considered true BAKUGAN. The sound reasoning behind this body of law is based on the fact that once a BAKUGAN has been altered, it is not accurate or appropriate to refer to it as a BAKUGAN.

Established law recognizes this as a form of trademark infringement for which there can be severe consequences. Spin Master as the owner of the BAKUGAN Trademark has the right to prohibit the BAKUGAN name from being used to describe something that has been altered and is therefore no longer considered a true BAKUGAN.

Persons engaged in the described prohibited activities should be made aware of this to avoid subjecting themselves liability for claims of fraudulent and infringing activities as we will take whatever actions are appropriate to protect Spin Master’s BAKUGAN Trademark from being mis-used or infringed.”

In other words, if you modify a Bakugan Battle Brawler, you can’t call it a Bakugan Battle Brawler, nor can you sell it as a Bakugan Battle Brawler.



Bakugan Traps, Spins, and Two Headed Preyas

Sighted and on the way to the store:

SpinMaster has released New “Brawlers” called Traps.  They are cube-shaped and when placed on a metal Gate card they will open up revealing either a different Attribute symbol or a G-Power. If it is an Attribute symbol, then your Bakugan’s Attribute is changed to the Attribute that is revealed. If a G-Power is revealed, then your Bakugan gains that amount of G-Power.

SpinMaster is releasing an amended version of the rules to account for the Traps.

“Spinning” Bakugan: These are new brawlers that spin when they open.  As soon as we get some, we will shoot a video for you.

There is also a *NEW* two-headed Special Attack Preyas II Bakugan.  The G-Power is different, depending on which side stands.  We will have one in about a week to show you.

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